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Creating Saturday Night Live: Film Unit – SNL

Learn how SNL’s film unit makes, directs, produces and edits pre-taped comedy sketches.

Wes Anderson Horror Trailer – https://bit.ly/2VUMJuv
Lazy Sunday – https://bit.ly/2GulbFA
D**k In a Box – https://bit.ly/2QpFfkn
Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base – https://bit.ly/1PA5yYL
Farewell Mr Bunting – https://bit.ly/1VfwyUs
Sad Mouse – https://bit.ly/2UK6UyP
(Do It On My) Twin Bed – https://bit.ly/2e5wBT9
Wells for Boys – https://bit.ly/2hJc7Cp
Dancing – https://bit.ly/2W3Fpwo
Political Musical – https://bit.ly/2XwuHPD
The Raunchiest Miss Rita – https://bit.ly/2DnXqyY
My Girl – https://bit.ly/2Uw2qqB
Totinos with Kristen Stewart – https://bit.ly/2kR9Vdj
Testicules Cologne – https://bit.ly/2VhTEk6
Walking Dead Chappelle’s Show – https://bit.ly/2L5dVpx
The Librarian – https://bit.ly/2dtXUcs
The Impossible Hulk – https://bit.ly/2TEPPEZ
Monster Pals – https://bit.ly/2DpvFWb

Produced by Lorne Michaels, Oz Rodriguez, Matt Yonks, Chris Voss, Erin Doyle
Edited by Danny Garcia


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