Coronavirus Pandemic Illustrates Importance of Scientific Literacy | MSNBC

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Coronavirus is a real-world lesson in applied science: a frontier of discovery layered with political tension and social anxiety. Bill Nye, CEO of the planetary society and podcast Host of “science rules!” joins MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson to discuss the country’s current state of science literacy and the impact it will have on our future.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Coronavirus Pandemic Illustrates Importance of Scientific Literacy | MSNBC


Jay Gibson says:

It is like a parody of the news.

Morris Meung says:

Joshua looks cute😁

Ragge Plays says:

I believe if there is a corona virus vaccine, it should be 100% mandatory.

lobo53695 says:

Bill nye the mechanical engineer

M. Coyote says:

Nothing like a fake scientist to lecture us about scientific literacy.

Sallyanne Smith says:

Why are you interrupting the guy. Let him talk.

Google is Evil says:

Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is an engineer.

Q the omnipotent says:

We love you Bill.

Kevin Hughes says:

Lol having Bill Nye on to talk about scientific literacy is like having Dr. Phibes come on to discuss preservation of human life.

J C says:

I am a scientist, and I assure everyone that scientists are just like all other humans. Some scientists will be absolutely on top of their area of expertise and will render appropriate honest reports. Others, not so much. Some have been found to be science criminals, falsifying data, etc.

Leonie Romanes says:

Every disaster movie starts with someone ignoring a scientist.

Hoodie says:

Talking about "scientific literacy" yet interprets data totally incorrectly. Excellent mechanical engineer!

Flearther McPlane says:

Science does rule. Nye and other pseudo-science shills are the pandemic! We should take matters into out own hands and exterminate the worlds problems! Sooner than later!

Nowon Ami says:

What does this Jok*r finally say about US DOD releasing and admitting UFO footage.

Sam Hilario says:

Omg bill nye the science guy omg this brings flashbacks of school

Sed DelMar says:

Mr. Nye is such a great guy.
I’ve enjoyed every production he’s made, that I am aware of.

Whitney Mohrhauser says:

Coronavirus does not care if you're progressive or conservative.

Nik Dime says:

How bout this science, a fetus is a baby.

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