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Charlize Theron Speaks Afrikaans

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Renier Barnard says:

Translation: yeah, i can hear everything that you guys are saying (in afrikaans)

Note this translation isn’t perfect it is just translated in a way that makes sense in english. I am a native Afrikaans speaker, its close enough trust me

Rima MerYaz says:

Wait what ?
Iam from africa and i didnt understand what she said

Lorraine Garhofer says:

I was able to understand what she was saying and I'm a native German speaker but I guess it was a simple phrase ^o^

Bruno Perrault says:

So hot and so dumb!

Liz Smith says:

Epic fail! Small world 🤣

Odette Uys says:

The exact same thing happened to me in Paris. We were just ripped off by a street photographer, and were standing there swearing at him in Afrikaans. And a couple walked by and said "julle moet oppas vir hierdie skelms' and we were… oops … Lol

icecubesbrother says:

Was it Trevor Noah??🤣

Travis Dom says:

She is teally pretty…when can she have a movie to fight with angelina jolie head to head…. I want her to be the other malificent hahahaha

Maurice Levie says:

Yeah and as a Dutch I still understand it as well

Ot Creed says:

Hey, i don't understand a word she said until anal bleaching. Yup.

Eyes like the Summer says:

Brooo as someone who studies German, Swedish and Norwegian it sounds intelligible. Never assume people can’t understand you.

Синхронный переводчик №1 says:

the comment section is so annoying 🙂because everybody says they understood because it’s like dutch… well, I didn’t understand, and to me it doesn’t sound like dutch…. sounds like middle eastern dialect or something….or maybe she pronounced it that way…
Can someone please respond and spell it for me?

Tiffany Washington says:

GOOD !¡!!!!!!¡!!

Partha Mandal says:

For a minute I thought that was kevin hart 😂

fung fung says:

Thank God for giving us the word "gorgeous"!

Sebastian Brahmer says:

Karma in all forms!!!

Kaka Filing says:

Flemmish very close

Golden Fury says:

So. Afrikaan= apartied colonized language… ????

Alicia Elston says:

Wow! The way she said that sentence just shows how Afrikaans she is… the “hoor” at the end and all.

jay clayton says:

Jesus Christ how do these people get famous

Gary says:

Wow Hollywood is so disconnected from reality. No one cares about how you talk behind peoples backs or your anal bleaching.

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