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Charlize Theron Recalls How a Major Movie Producer Got Inappropriate With Her

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Charlize Theron tells Howard Stern and Seth Rogen about the inappropriate move a film producer made during her first-ever audition and how she was able to confront him about it years later.

Watch more from Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron’s visit to the Stern Show on the SiriusXM app and see them “Long Shot,” in theaters May 3.

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Tricia C says:

What a great interview. My opinion of Mr. Stern went way up.

P B says:

It's Michael Bay isn't it 😂

Gmanbrooklyn says:

Definitely Michael Bay

John Doe says:

I don’t understand what he did wrong…. Im joking.

Jinky Jay says:

As if Seth hasn't seen Franco do something similar

drjay teamk says:

name the bastard

Guist Magik says:

blatantly Weinstien

Youssri Chalghoumi says:

Entschuldige mich hiermit entschuldige ich mich wieder wegen meine Kommentare ich hab dich lieb

David Kamran says:


Daniel LaRusso says:

Still kept the money…

Nelson Kaiton says:

He doesn't remember because he probably did it hundreds of time.

Marcus Aurelius says:

Charlize went over there at 9PM on a Saturday night, knowing this would happen…don't forget this fact!

Brian Ellinger says:

You must be under the impression that I have my own controller

TMello says:

very beautiful woman.

John Rodems says:

No you don’t do it to anyone

Zig Field says:

Pretty cowardly she wont name the person. Maybe he could be stopped

L SAY says:

Your full of shit if you have money your not struggling

C. A. Marsupial. says:

Could you imagine that happening at a regular job interview. So treat it as a normal job interview.

Vera 1957 says:

Women new exactly what they were doing.
Professional victims

PokerHouseWife says:

Way to keep his name silent so he can continue to use his influence to sexually harass new actresses 🤣

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