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Bruised 2020 Kiss Scene – Jackie and Buddhakan (Halle Berry)


‘Bruised’ is a sports drama that follows the talented but disgraced MMA fighter Jackie Justice. After a brutal defeat that crushes her career, Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice hits a low point. As she tries to get back into the ring, her life takes another twist with the arrival of her young, estranged son. With very few people she can count on, life is a fight both inside the arena and outside for Jackie. The climactic fight against a seemingly unbeatable opponent also has a surprising outcome, and the movie closes soon after on an expectant note that feels more like a beginning than an end. Subscribe to Kino book on Youtube for more scenes!

Bruised Plot Synopsis
The film opens in a crowded fighting arena amid Jackie’s infamous fight. She struggles to stand up against her opponent, and the match ends with the fallen MMA fighter trying to get out of the fighting ring voluntarily — a move considered devastating for a professional fighter’s reputation.

Her boorish and abusive boyfriend makes things worse, and the single mother is forced to leave him and seek shelter with her mother, who is equally belligerent. Eventually, Jackie finds solace in her severe but caring coach, Bobbi Buddhakan, and a brief romance sparks up between them. However, the night before the fight, Jackie admits that she is not ready for a relationship, and Bobbi, a recovering alcoholic, falls back into the bottle.

Bruised official website: https://www.netflix.com

Bruised 2020 Promo/Jackie Justice and Bobbi Buddhakan
Bruised 2020 Kiss scene