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i hope my Chinese professor never sees this…. duibuqi sun laoshi…
i dont know why this video quality is so low :// i may reupload so you can watch in HD (please comment if this would be necessary!)

we saw Stephanie Soo (MissMangoButt) here on Youtube do this challenge a year ago with her fiance, and ever since then my boyfriend and I have been looking forward to filming this video!!
please forgive me while i try to guess my way through a day of my boyfriend speaking only Mandarin. as you can tell, my Mandarin skills are up to par with my talent of not dropping things…

thank you to my boyfriend for being patient enough to film this with me~ woah eye knee 🙂

camera: canon m6 11-22mm

like dis video if you think my boyfriend said shrimp WAY too many times hehehe


Laone Sedombo says:

This is the best, I enjoyed this vid…. 🥰🥰🤣

Laone Sedombo says:

She is soo good…. Please do more..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Deadmund Vader says:

Are you a Japanese or a halfie. No offense

二宮健一 says:


cofftea time with chey says:

I'm literally cackling this is too good

MeiQiong Xue says:

Soooo cuteeee !!!! Her Chinese be talented !!! 👏🏻

Jaden Cheng says:

s'cute !!!!!!!!!

Braden Davila says:

1 + 2 … 1 + 2 …. ADD SOY SAUCE!!!

Eiko Dym says:


Eiko Dym says:


Eiko Dym says:

“All of it” = 全部 って聞こえたで❗️

Ellie Lee says:

I LOVE THE 1 JIA 1 SHI 2 PART I'm in love NINA this is so cute 🥰🥺 also I love the 20 MIIAAOOWW I love this so much!!!! please upload vids everyday so that I can see u beb woah eye kneeeeeee

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