Biden Discusses How Coronavirus Has Factored Into His Healthcare Plan | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Joe Biden, when asked if Medicare For All should ‘seem more important’ after coronavirus, discusses his healthcare plan and why he believes it will most effectively help people amid this pandemic and afterward. Aired on 5/14/2020.
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Biden Discusses How Coronavirus Has Factored Into His Healthcare Plan | The Last Word | MSNBC


I can smell your breath through the mask says:

The cure for Covid is a face mask and handwashing. Just like every other virus.

l_Pete_l says:

Biden can't focus long enough to say "Healthcare plan" let alone create one.

Ava Brooks says:

Major news came out the other day, Joe Biden had been spying on Trump before he won. Yet the news talks about this? Gee, you guys don't report the news anymore.

Proud American says:

Conservative woman seem to take care of themselves and their diet liberals depend on the government and eat like pigs

razorsharpbt says:

"Come on, man! I thought you liked me!" –30330

Ian G says:

He still doesn't get it.

People with no jobs and pre-existing health issues ie life aren't only worried about Covid care.

People without jobs and employer based healthcare also get sick for other reasons that would be covered by M4A.

What good is a public option that allows you to buy into Medicare to people with no jobs?

Orionsbbbelt says:

So basically gonna be against medicare for all just like every president. Wonderfull way to avoid a simple question. And cobra is a joke, WTF you talking about that being an option !!! Berney is out there helping pass new laws to help the people and he is only concern is being home and winning.

RPG Plus says:

So his plan is… To change nothing?

Joseph McCracken says:

Ol' Stinky Finger Biden.

Barberstyle says:

Poor joe Biden

Zach Addington says:

Trump going down as the worst president ever

razorsharpbt says:

Biden couldn't find his butt cheeks with both hands.

Brandon Castle says:

People don’t understand how much COBRA costs. It’s common for COBRA premiums to be around $2,000 a month for singles and $5,000+ for family coverage. What he didn’t tell you in that answer was the government paying for your COBRA premiums in an event like this would be significantly more expensive than a Medicare expansion, AND employers with less than 20 employees aren’t even required to offer COBRA, so those who were employed by small businesses and lost their jobs due to COVID-19 wouldn’t even be offered COBRA. While he did address that any medical procedures related to COVID-19 wouldn’t be at the cost of the individual, he didn’t explain how other medical conditions that may arise during the gap in coverage would be handled. And in the event that the crisis, whether it’s COVID-19 or something else, spans for over 18 months, you’d still be out of luck because you’re only eligible for COBRA for 18 months after you’ve lost your job. It makes so much more sense to expand Medicare than rely on bureaucratic nonsense like COBRA as the protective measurement against a crisis such as this one. COBRA is good to have as a placeholder between jobs, specifically if you or your dependent has a condition, but it’s simply impractical as any type of extended solution during a widespread loss of jobs.

Katherine Foila says:

Judging by the voting in this video it’s quite obvious nobody wants BIDEN, BRING BACK SANDERS

Jim Brown says:

I see a South Park episode in here some where……

Jupiter Regional says:

Poor ol Joe frowning because they told him he can't have Greta as his running mate.

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