Biden Delivers Eulogy For 100,000 Americans Killed By Coronavirus | All In | MSNBC

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Donald Trump cannot grasp that 100,000 Americans are dead, so it was up to Joe Biden to deliver a national eulogy marking the lives of those we lost. Aired on 05/27/2020.
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Biden Delivers Eulogy For 100,000 Americans Killed By Coronavirus | All In | MSNBC


Gee The 'Bee' says:

This is a rag on trump banter.


He right about one thing we're all gonna have to adjust to a new way of living and operating in the world.. This ain't over.. Trust

TheBeanie2k says:

I have done over the 3 month self quarantine. Yes I'm tired of staying home. But it is for the better good. I have not hugged my kids in 5 months. I do curbside service on groceries. Mainly because no one is wearing a mask in my grocery story and they don't limit how many people can enter. I'm trying to do my best and yes get people are tired of this. But this virus isn't going away. It's going to be with us maybe years. We don't know. Masks honestly is what we should be doing. Be kind to those who wear masks people cause you don't know whom they are trying to protect..

Sheri Bethoney says:

It’s not that he won’t see what’s happening, it’s that he can’t. It’s part of his mental illness/es.

You all are in my thoughts. I’m sorry this is happening this way. You deserve time, space, and recognition for what you’ve lost.

elissa f says:

There is no "second wave". We're still in the first wave, with numbers still rising everywhere, except in NY, and maybe NJ, where a democratic Governor did the right moves to contain and flatten the curve.

In red states, the numbers are still doubling weekly. The appearance of "flatness" is because of NY offsetting these numbers.

Also, not every governor is reporting their state accurately.

Steve Gustafson says:

Thought i was listening to Rachel Maddow and then looked at the screen and saw this fake news propoganda clown. I cannot believe people actually think this is news…

ufftatabummbumm says:

Trump is human scum, greetings from Germany, please vote blue !

Lilac Lizard says:

That's horrible that people can't even be there when their loved ones are dying!
My country has control & enough knowledge of the virus now that at that point family are geared up in full PPE & brought in to say goodbye & be by their loved ones side as they go. That's how it should & could have been for you too America! You're the richest & supposed to be the most powerful country in the world, what happened?

Only 103 deaths total in Australia! 27 total in hospital, 5 of these in ICU, 2 on ventilators. Same starting position your country had! You need to fight for your lives America! Cause no-one else is going to do it for you!

Zed Dead says:

Every day, all day Fox News raves about Trump being the greatest president in the history of the World. They talk about his brilliant leadership with the Pandemic by saving millions of American lives.

Steve Gustafson says:

PMSNBC – Propoganda arm of the CCP and the DNC. You are clowns and Biden is an utter failure not only as a politician, but as a human being.

Scrap cash says:

The message above from MSNBC says Trump cannot grasp that 100k Americans are dead. Why do you say that stuff. It is such a lie and you are trying to mislead people. Your so FAKE NEWS. Then you say it was up to Bunker Biden. During the H1N1 outbreak it took Obama and Joementia 6 months to declare it a national emergency. The amount of B.S. that comes from MSNBC FAKE NEWS is incredible. Did you see the reporter get busted in Wisconsin on Memorial Day. Trying to shame people for not wearing a mask. Then they get called out, the camera man and the crew weren't wearing masks either. Just remember, sometimes the truth is on the other side of the camera!!

Lisa Dokes says:

my prayers and love go out to all of the victims and their families!!!

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