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ASMR Hotel Tour but I'm at an anime convention

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If you’re like … wtf is a Masquerade — oh mama let me tell you! It is essentially… the cosplay / nerdy version of a beauty pageant? But you write and record your own skits from shows or video games! I’ve done Team Rocket ones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frvfwRPHjRA) . Peach and Bowser (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdlS2n15nXk) Pharah and Mercy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GMBSMDKn4A) just to name a few! (These are NOT ASMR Lol) This year though…oh ho ho. Anime Boston is like the Mecca of all Masquerades, one that my cousin James, River and I (my cosplaying partners in crime) have been dying to win since Day 1.

To win Best in Show, you have to perform a skit, and also submit your costumes for judging — meaning you make them all by hand! With our lovely, and massive, group of cosplayers, we made our skit. AND WE WON!!!!! Which is like, woohoo, very cool Gibi, very cool…. but it really does mean so much to me so you’ll just have to trust me on this!

Anyway, I totally messed up my schedule because I was scatterbrained so I apologize about this going up on a Sunday! Our Sponsored Saturday post is going to be for Tuesday instead! Then regular vid Thursday, Sponsored Saturday (Hange from Attack on Titan!!!! #GibiSpoilers), thus going back to normal 🙂

Enjoy this hotel tour that’s actually just me rummaging through our cosplays!!!! It took two carts to get back down to our car after checking out LOL. I already want to go back!!!!!!! I highly recommend conventions if you ever get the chance. These are my vacations lol I don’t know how to relax like a normal person……

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