Another State Farm® Commercial (featuring Sabrina Ionescu and Chris Paul)

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Chris Paul and Jake from State Farm are no strangers to surprisingly great State Farm commercials. This time, Sabrina Ionescu joins in on the fun.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.®

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Mark Flores says:

Bring Cole Perez back

onetwentyfour says:

Worst marketing campaign ever. Corny commerical after corny commerical.

Conrad of Montferrat says:

Shouldn't there be two basketballs? What happened to the other one?

Mark White says:

What keeps me up at night: He ostensibly “turns into a basketball.” But he disappears and the basketball he’s holding bounces on the ground. If he turned into a basketball, there should be TWO basketballs. I wake up at 3am in a sweat thinking about the failure of logic here.

TRD57 says:

Are you kidding me?! I can't believe how amazingly funny this is! The incredible acting and chemistry they have should be studied by current and future actors. And Jake is just godlike! He doesn't even have to mention what StateFarm offers and I want it because of his heavenly presence. I mean OMG! How and why is this and every StateFarm commercial with this new Jake so top tier and perfect?! I'm so glad they got rid of the first StateFarm Jake. Did you guys know he wasn't a model/actor like the new Jake is. The original Jake was an actual StateFarm employee. I'm glad they realized how stupid that idea was and got rid of him. Am I right people 👍

Christopher Cole says:

These are getting worse each time

Dub says:

Wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

thisguy8 says:

Waiting for the Devin Booker commercial

Rolo H says:

That's a dope Air Jordan Flight hoody Cp3 got on!

eduar ed says:

Lmao the worst commercials ever with horrible acting from chris paul and horrible entertainment commercial…im not that type of guy who be saying on this bad or whatever but come on guys do u want me to write ideas for you???? Who is doing it that is sooooo bad

cam sidebottom says:


Richard Paul says:

Wow at Sabrina's "acting". I'm thinking it was one take and go home, shoot probably took 20 mins.

onlyone23km says:

I love these 2! Amazing people!

Joel Walker says:

Chris becomes a basketball but what happened to the basketball he was holding?

Nicholas Sosa says:

Anyone know that hoodie Chris is wearing ?

Tyler says:

Anyone else notice that Chris didn’t actually turn into a basketball? He just disappeared and dropped the ball he was holding lol

CWE Bed-Stuy says:

Sabrina is a beast I’m happy to be a NY liberty fan 🗽

Deuce Purnell says:

Lol I see you 😂

S M says:

Sabrina is my fave athlete thank you

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