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Anne Hathaway’s GENIUS cupcake hack!

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Mushi Mushi says:

When I was in 4th grade, this was what all the popular kids did during birthday parties in class

SpaceGirl says:

Why did it take her so long to take the wrapper off? 😂 even Kelly was like 🫠

Major Hawker says:

A fat person that doesn't know everyway to eat a cupcake I call BS. I am Fat and know about 30 different ways to eat one.

krispykreme says:

my dad does this lol

Ben Leeper says:

Celebrities acting like they invent the most known things.

Aja J.H says:

Bro I been doing this since kindergarten

K3iona Floyd says:

Holly Shit!😳😳😳😳💯🫡🔥

Brittany Bullock says:

I've ate cupcakes like this my whole life. Learned it from my mama.

Kimberly D says:

This is not an original or shocking idea. People have been doing this for many years. The internet has people thinking everything is brand new or a "hack".

yung_nxva says:

Y’all didn’t do this in school?

Kaylee Foster says:

This ain’t new people, why you freaking out

Abby C says:

5 minute crafts is shaking right now

best sped up says:

my mom and i do that haha

Sarah Ann Spivey says:

nobody here has watched duff the cake boss and it shows

B Suarez says:

I’ve hated cupcakes for that very reason. My life is now changed! 🤣🤣🤣

ThunderCamp says:

Why do women find this kind of stuff fascinating? I thought women fought to become equal with men? Teach something. Please, for the love of God and mankind, don’t get inspired by a cupcake.

BroChill says:

I do the exact same thing 🤣

Amit C Baidya says:

Damn Kelly Clarkson gained SO much weight!

stvicz_ says:

my brother does this every time lol

Ben Adams says:

Or just learn how to eat a cupcake normally?😂🤷‍♂️

Alexsandra Fioravanti says:

Kelly, the last thing you should be eating are cupcakes , sorry honey

MFC KET says:

Who’s the chubby girl?

Shiloh Zepke says:

I've been eating it wrong!

Lit Erick says:

Man I just eat the thing whole

Jeremy Aguilar says:

Hello there

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