Ali Velshi: It’s ‘Alarming’ That The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Becoming Political | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Ali Velshi discusses why “we are not back” from the effects of the coronavirus even though President Trump is misleading the public that we are. Aired on 05/15/2020.
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Ali Velshi: It’s ‘Alarming’ That The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Becoming Political | The Last Word | MSNBC


Bell says:

25th Amendment Now. Trump needs to be removed from office. He is killing the American people.

zorro rorocar says:

trump sucks at everything.

Rod Kukura says:

Question, why is Andrew Cuomo not president, am I missing something? From Canada.

Robyn Hickey says:

I feel very sorry for the Americans. You know he does not care how many of you die.

Keith Mcmorrow says:

100s of people are being tested already with 3 different vaccines .
These clowns do nothing but lie .

Keith Mcmorrow says:

Bill Gates is not a scientist .

Keith Mcmorrow says:

Cuomo is a fkin liar !! Hospitalization and deaths are going down ! Only reason cases are going up is because testing increased .

Keith Mcmorrow says:

You dickhead !! The Democratic party made this political from the start . Stfu with ur propaganda

Katy Stewart says:

If you get to an election

Nikolaos Konstantinou says:

Vote Blue! Remove the Murderer in Chief!!!

ต่อศักดิ์ สุขเฉลิมชัย says:

กว่าจะมีการเลือกตั้ง. คงตาย200000คนแน่

andtam008 says:

I bet disinfectant injection is widely available long before any vaccine.

Spunky INPFF says:

To all the sensible citizens of the USofA…WAKE UP YOU ARE BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY YOUR orange skinned President

Marius Thefaker says:

Becoming?… dude, anything that costs money is political!

Phylum says:

Is this all about Joe Biden ….. like keeping him away from debates, ‘cumon, you’re joking, right’ ……

M2B mluvAndgrace says:

This conman and his enablers have to go! Vote 🌊🌊. The most incompetent administration ever!

Phylum says:

My local area is opening up. It’s been eerily quiet the last month or so but now we hear kids playing, we smell BBQs, it’s what normality feels like……

Phylum says:

Ali is right, we all should stay at home. You may starve but that’s ok. Ali gets paid ……

Ganiscol says:

Watch his effort to fool people into stepping in harms way for his personal interest, crater as soon as the outbreaks happen around the country and people simply stay home again regardless of his corrupt wishful thinking. The polls dont lie. But it will cost thousands of lives.

But this also explains his scheme to cast doubt on testing and the body count. Thats his backup plan: When it happens, he wants to hide the dead bodies from us!

Jim Battersbee says:

I just watched a very early episode of "Dad's Army" from Britain. It's a comedy but it captures the spirit, the cohesion, and the leadership that was Britain during WW2. Then I look at the USA today, divided, failed, corrupt, stupid and dysfunctional. The difference between the cultures is like night and day.
If Britain had been the lying, dishonest, racist, greedy shithole that America is today it would never have won, and America will not win, the cowardice and the ignorance is too great. Never have so many done so little, as Americans do today.

Twostones00 says:

Trump only cares about Trump. Trump is a lying danger to all Americans and a menace to the world.

Awesome Kickass says:

Trump is nothing but a terrorist. Send him to GitMo.

Tony Watt says:

Political game at the expense of American lives. It is what it is, you put him there!

Carlos Stranger says:

The models the polls Como putting the virus in nursing homes Papadopoulos Papadopoulos Muller Muller Russia Russia More Biden Campaign Network#Me Too Believe all Women

Dan M says:


des miro says:

And Trump goes on and on with all his. Is there ANYONE out there who is bealiving him?

ruth depew says:

Even if we had a vaccine "ready" a week or two before the election, it may be months before we truly understand, how many will die or be permanently maimed by a warp speed vaccination.

Azad A says:

19……. sends you to hospital. 45……. sends you to cemetery.

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