A BRILLIANT Queen Sac to Checkmate in the middle of the board!

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The engine thinks that the queen sacrifice isn’t brilliant but Be1+ is, not something I could fix. I think f4 should also be a part of the board’s center.
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Check out the analysis of the game here: https://www.chess.com/a/y3KkmyanY6Qe
Link to the chess.com tactic: https://www.chess.com/puzzles/problem/47338
The checkmate isn’t forced but Q and B vs R and N is still an easy win for white.
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KRunkieZ says:

Guys turn on subtitles and try to read it😂

khushboo dhamani says:

Very nice puzzle

Mr Random. says:

Hey what software do you use for voice over ?

Levent K******** says:

If Qh4 without Ne6, black simply plays Kh6, declines the brilliant Botez Gambit, and manages to draw the game.

Satwik says:

I watch these videos, but in my actual matches go on to blunder the queen on move 4

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