72 Die From Coronavirus At Home For Veterans | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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A home for veterans in Paramus, New Jersey has seen a total of 72 residents die from the coronavirus, according to the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Public Affairs Office. Aired on 05/12/2020.
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72 Die From Coronavirus At Home For Veterans | Morning Joe | MSNBC


wan content says:

As far as the Commander-in-Chief is concerned, the more the merrier. Putin is very happy and just congratulated for doing a great job.

oliver tambo says:

Bad leadership effects

Wa Ly says:

Chrlottsville, Helsinki, the Mueller report, House testimony of sworn witnesses for 2 weeks on TV live.
You all, allow the trump to hold that office.
You all, allow the Senate to lie, cheat, and break their sworn oaths as they cover for the trumps crimes.
YOU ALL , deserve the horrors yet to come. Lay in your wet beds, hoping to hear silver on the dresser before the door closes. COWARDS !

Zac says:

Noooo the media/dems have you guys in hysterics as they walk this country into a gauntlet. Its a win win for both of their interests.

Its simple. Shelter the 95% of people who would actually die from covid,the old,and preconditioned. All others who contract it give them hcq,zpack,zinc mixture. Cures you in 1-2 days like Tom Hanks and wife,Boris Johnson,Karen Whitsett, staunch mich. dem.

Jackie Wu says:

This is premeditated mass murder. It's that simple. Save money, why not ? May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

Lisa B says:

The way this country treats our elderly is atrocious. I don’t want to hear anyone ever again say, “…well what about the homeless vets…” usually that’s only said to distract from something else anyway… nobody actually cares and it’s self evident. But by all means, let’s give Boeing and Lockheed Martin billions in federal contracts and then have them not pay their fair share of taxes, because that’s what we really care about apparently.

Zee Keang says:

DO …US REALLY take care of the MILITARY That's served for US ……NO….they are forgotten…..look at some others COUNTRIES …..if this call FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY… a big laugh to the WORLD .

JT T says:

Trump wanted to wipe off some old folks..

Romeo Mariano says:

This is Trump’s’ fault for failing to act to prevent the pandemic, destroying the American response to pandemics.

Hazel Ritchie says:

Draft dodgers live ,!Veterans die ! God help and bless the American warriors ❤️

Eric Thompson says:

And Chump Trump mad at Colin kapernick for kneeling F Chump 45

reverse_halo says:

Now do a story on the 18.2 million veterans that are not infected with the coronavirus and will never be infected with the coronavirus.

DoubledEdgeSword321 says:


The Wolf says:

This is ( JUS MY THOUGHTS AND MY OPINIONS ) . If u can afford to care for ur parents, then do so by all means. Sad and tragic what happened , my mother has had 3 strokes n she only went to a facility for rehab but not to stay or live.

Guy Incognito says:

Sorry veterans, Trump needs to open everything up so he can get re-elected.

Ismail AliAliAli says:

Deal broke by trumpet. Sad for the veteran. RIP

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