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10 Times Rick And Morty Stole From Other Shows

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Pablo Picasso is reported to have said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal,” throwing some shade on those who would remix existing works of art without putting their own personal touch on it. Whether Picasso ever said it or not, the maxim holds because throughout all recorded history, the greatest artists, writers, and thinkers have stolen from those who came before them to create! Heck, Shakespeare was shameless. He didn’t think twice about stealing plot-lines for some of his most beloved plays. So we guess, “Rick and Morty” – one of the best adult-themed animated shows out there – is in good company because their writers steal all the time. And when they steal, they steal from the best. They’ve stolen from “Stephen King,” “Mad Max,” and “Jurassic Park.” They’ve ripped entire plot lines from classic works of fiction like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “The Venture Bros.” – a Cartoon Network show that premiered back in the 00s with more than a few similarities to “Rick and Morty.” In this video we are going to run through some of the countless homages, references, and storylines the show have taken from shows, films, and literature that have come before. And just to be clear, when we say they’ve stolen from other shows, we mean that as a compliment. If the writers of “Rick and Morty” are guilty of anything is taking existing material and putting their own, Rickdicoulous spin on it – to the delight of countless fans. And some casual viewers who think the show is like, pretty neat but a little weird. So, join us, won’t you? Into the rabbit hole that is “Rick and Morty’s” endless references to works of art, high and low!


Flowers for Rick and Morty
Venture Bros.
More Venture Bros.
A Tale of Two Dexters
Doc Brown, Rick, and Mr. Peabody in a Pod
King is King
Sean Connery’s Pontytail and Giant Floating Heads
Too Many Cooks
Fugitive Fart
It’s a Mad, Mad World

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