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⚠️ DON'T Watch this ASMR | Look at the Comments Section!

✨READ ME, PROMPTS BELOW✨ This video was inspired by the 10/10 times I find myself scrolling thru the comments section of an ASMR video… this time — I give you express permission to. In fact, I’d love if you’d add to it! Here are your prompts if you’d like to follow them, or you can just post…whatever 🙂

Big thank you to the Omegas who filled out the comments section yesterday!! If you want to be an Omega in the Gibi Discord, check out my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/gggibi) and become a sub! ^_^


💜Prompt 1: Try to explain an inside joke you have with your best friend.

💙Prompt 2: If each part of your life so far had a chapter name, what would they be and why?

💛Prompt 3: Tell a story about the worst teacher you’ve ever had

❤️Prompt 4: Reveal 10 things about someone you like or have a crush on that aren’t so basic… (ex. He equally likes smooth and crunchy peanut butter).

💚Prompt 5: What would you say to someone who’s having a hard time feeling good about themselves?

Or make your own and have other people answer yours! ^_^

I hope this works LOL I’ve been feelin experimental lately…

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