WTF ! NBA Youngboy ! Lost Motives !!

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Can’t believe he said this

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Terry Kamuda says:

Yo y u skip thru the song u don't even listen to the whole song gotti

Raymond Richardson says:

Reaction to gif dada war ready

Micah Jodway says:

Sounds like he talking geemoney brother hurk

ViperX Gaming says:

Eating cereal out da bag wit no milk

Constanttv says:

Whats the instrumental ??🤔🤔

Loyalty says:

Do ar AB blood brothers reaction since he got booked an found guilty an going to be home for 15 to life

Gee Park says:

Listen to nba youngboy prayers

Bryan Swaisgood says:

I eat cereal without the milk when I'm fried lol

Keyveonta Bush says:

React to “ wit it “ by Swayy Mula he from the 256 , Anniston AL

vontay and quita says:

Subscribe to my channel Devon and quita need 1ksubs to get my channel started

RS Civil says:

Clock in clock in please fredo bang mongoose sorry for being a little hot out here 🙏😂

4keytrey 4keytrey says:

Dej rosegold

mrmillions100 says:

Need that ice cream

Leon Torres says:

This foo talk to much trying act funny no stop shut up now ya feel me 🤣

quan nba says:

U pause the video to much

Fred Wiggins says:

NBA youngboy got more money than you

Larry Brodie says:

they call her dej but rap name is dejrosegold

Punkin Hawkins says:

He got on Dior shoes then ain’t givenchi

Aamir Fenderson says:

Can u stop pausing the video err seconds damnnn 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

seno2020 20 says:

I never seen somebody show some one love and hat on them so much at the same

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