WHO Director-General under fire for handling of coronavirus

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Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz argues President Trump is right to withhold funds from the World Health Organization following how it has handled coronavirus and China.

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Steven de Beer says:

WHO is a fraud

nr vijayakumar says:

Do we still need who to save us???

clark kent says:

Speak for them

Kay Dee says:

World Hospitality Organisation..
5 star hotels ..VIP escorts … dinner parties .
Meetings in posh hotels…. Family vacations..

Alfred Yip says:

He should step down and be executed

Sheila Kitson says:

OMG, it's the Black guy!!! How convenient, not surprised at all. He did this all by himself? But ya'll love yourself some China!! Don't cha, Ha Ha!

Medusa Skull says:

Although China contribution is less but 50% of it went to Dr. No Dr. Ted's pocket.

Donny Hawk says:

Not another penny of USA Funds to WHO…

ok hse wen says:

Taiwan people don't like you because you always prefer to China and hide all facts. We don't discriminate you because you are black.

P. J. says:

Corrupt and shameless Tedros is too dumb to understand Taiwan's success in handling the pandemic.

Walter Higo says:

TAIWAN is the biggest success story in the fight against this virus. Only around 350 cases reported so far, even though their first case was identified back in january. They were the only country to react very very early on BECAUSE THEY DID NOT BELIEVE CHINA about the way the virus is transmitted and did not pay any attention to the OMS's recomendations on how to handle the epidemic. TRUMP IS ABSOULTELY RIGHT ABOUT THE OMS AND CHINA.

1212salsera says:

tedros is a genocidist.

Kevin Lew says:

Can his assets be seized? This person is evil.

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