What to Expect at the Golden Globes 2020

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We’re only days away from Sunday’s Golden Globes!

“Extra” Special Correspondent and O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman is predicting that the red carpet will be “an explosion of color, plus ruffles, polka dots, and puff sleeves.”


Cindy says:

This is why no one watches this garbage . A bunch of self centered grass eating cows 🐄 who think they know it all. Spoiler no one cares about u people or the garbage you have to say or the stupid outfits you wear just go away and find a nice pasture to graze on in some deserted island together . 😂😂😂

Look how entitled these clowns think they are no one cares

Rita Lemen says:

Where are the men anymore. It's just ridiculous

ola cola says:

A bunch of mk ultra puppets


Hollywood Weirdos…Total Jewery

Jolly Green Giant says:

No one is interested in these narcissistic wankers parading their over inflated ego's

G Sterling says:

Great!   We can look forward this evening to many righteous/indignant speech/lectures about the rampant sexism that still plagues Hollywood.  
Poor things.  Now nominated females must prepare  — not only their acceptance speech — but also their “speaking truth to power speech”.

Ignorant Polish-Irish Transgender Art says:

its comedy,.,no limits

rodochrous says:

I won't be watching those overpaid puppets pretend their opinions matter.

paul mac says:

these no talent hacks pass out awards like gerbils at an ass clown convention

B Brown says:

What used to be entertaining has now become extreme political leftist conventions. Like many have said in the past few years; No Thanks.

Rosy says:

They should of let Ellen host the show.

Bill Moore says:

Has anyone noticed that the Inuit people are poorly represented at affairs like this?

Diane Dahy says:

They are NOT that important. Jesus get over yourselves.

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