What drives coronavirus conspiracies? | COVID-19 Special

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Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time, now the coronavirus pandemic is creating new ones and fueling old ones. Social media is rife with claims that the coronavirus was weaponized in a secret laboratory, designed to put a stop to exponential global population growth. Powerful forces are said to be behind the pandemic. There is talk of enforced vaccinations and blanket state surveillance. Others say new 5G mobile phone technology helps the virus spread. These theories become visible through their supporters at corona demonstrations. What drives people into these often confused worlds of thought?
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DW News says:

As always, we'd love to include your questions in our upcoming shows! What would you like to know about the coronavirus pandemic? #askDerrick

Tamgo Smith says:

lets open up all bio 4 labs world wide to the public for scrutiny. We have the right to know whats in there that can potentially harm us. Nothing to Hide right? Open them up. ps Epstien killed himself lol

J B says:

CovIDIOTS are the result of the dumbing down of population, due to the increased cost of education; and social media giving NUTJOB a platform, especially when the President of the United States is a major conspiracy theories pumper.

Ire4 says:

Bill Gates said back in 2017 that a HIV vaccine will be here in 3 years. ENTER Coronavirus 2020. Luc Montagnier, French Nobel prize winner, amongst others said Coronavirus was created in a lab and has 4 strands of HIV in it and that he reckons it was made to create a HIV vaccine.

Nagy Erno says:

they want to force vaccine on the whole world what is conspiracy than?

Zilgma Irbe says:

Take the three separate stupidest theories and ridicule publicly. Humour is the way forward

Lincy Thomas says:

Truth is stranger than fiction and conspiracy theories stay in the realm of fiction.

arslongavitabrebis says:

what is the "trace" of genetic edition? people should to know how gen editing is done, and how it leaves traces.

Jan Oliver says:

To many people bury their head in the sand and believe the government is always right. Gates applied for the corona vaccine in I believe 2014 or 2015 and received it in 2018. Dr. Fauci said in 2017 that another pandemic was coming. Obama said in 2015 that the next president would have a surprise pandemic. How did they know? Experts can't even predict the stock market 2 days ahead. There is something to what is going on, and it isn't good.

Mike B says:

Many conspiracy theories have with history been proven not to be theories. These theories usually start because governments do not always tell the truth

Heather 17 says:

I would appreciate it if he tells us where this virus come from ! THE AIR?

Heather 17 says:

There are two sides of every story, it is natural to be suspicious,it is our survival of the fittest alert system

Heather 17 says:

You cannot force anyone to have the vaccine, piss off

Nagy Erno says:

another good business vaccine 7000.000,000 people and get money and control over the world great opportunity for them

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