Weird MUKBANG Food that has gone TOO FAR (Reaction)

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Me and the Omegle boys React to Weird Food MUKBANGS that you has gone TOO FAR… good luck lol. Smash Like 🔔 Enable Notifications. drop a comment ty
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Today we take a break from Omegle and React to the most cringe and weirdest Food Mukbangs on the Internet. Hard to watch, hard to swallow and hard to UNSEE. Surprise that most of these were uploaded on Tik Tok as well. If you guys enjoyed and want to see me and the Omegle Boys react to more internet videos, Like and Subscribe

Omegle Friends in the video –
Sharp @Sharp
” Weird Mukbang Food That Has Gone TOO Far


Whos Chaos says:

Getting food! What ya'll want??


The last one look like a jelly fruit

Power says:

Beef ramon noodles with a cheese and ham hot pocket with milk good little snack

AlbionHoxha says:

This is disgusting holy shit 💩

Dominick Nicolato says:

Eat some top Ramon hot Cheetos takis maybe some pizza that’s what you should eat

Out Of The Blue says:

Ive seen a gangbang on twitter.

Gage Rendon says:

This why they got the corona virus

Luckyx gamerXD says:

Bro eat a bowl of cereal 😂…🙂

The Wing King says:

Who’s the other guy in the video?

Hayden Sparrow says:

food : dip&dots 🙂

Xanidor Gaming says:

Oreos and YouTube are a good combo

SebArt says:

I was eating while watching this I had to turn ts off and stop eating. Couldn’t go bro

Isuapig says:

She. It it😖🤢🤮

Nuclear Breeze says:

Lmao a girl sitting next to me was watching this and I just cringed so hard 😂

Aidan James says:

Eat the gater tooth

Fxy on YT says:

cips and dip

Mackattack says:

Bats are…

pro gamer says:

That is wye china gut fuking coronovirus

Hot_Ruffles69 says:

Dorito dynamitas or dynamites it's a green bag. Very good snack

killer 23 says:

11:08 nigga said midnight snack this a whole alligator 😂😂😂😂😂

Zyqan says:

They wonder why corona is a thing

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