Watch again: PM gives daily coronavirus update, says we will 'certainly be developing' air bridges

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The Government will “certainly be developing” the concept of air bridges or “travel corridors” in the hope of moving away from a blanket quarantine, Boris Johnson has said.

The Prime Minister was quizzed about the new 14-day measures, which are due to start on June 8 and run until June 28 at the earliest.

At the daily Downing Street press conference he said: “On the air corridors, I don’t want to go into the negotiations we are having but, clearly, we are discussing with our partners around the whole of Europe about what could be done.”

He later referred to them as “travel corridors” to countries with similar or lower infection rates, adding: “We will certainly be developing that as we go forward.”

Earlier today Priti Patel fended off criticism from several senior Conservative MPs as she set out the Government’s plans for a blanket approach to quarantine.

She said: “It is really important for the British public and members to put this into perspective.

“We are in a national health emergency right now. This isn’t about the inconvenience of certain regulations and measures – we are here to make sure we protect public health first and foremost.”

But Tory backbenchers including former ministers Liam Fox and Theresa Villiers, and Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 committee, questioned both the timing and the approach of the new measures.

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Life lies. Life says:

why ohh why do they continue to churn out this bull crap.!
its so clear there is a hidden agenda happending….
what. a bunch on clowns..!

tracy lane says:

bullshit, bullshit and even more bullshit, he stutters through everything cos he doesnt have a clue he lives in lala land with his bumchums who stroke his ego , lick his arse and have no idea how the real world works ffs

Borna Jakelic says:

COVID-19 is fake, this is about control

Kay Miller says:

Bill Gates has got a hold of Boris 🥴

shelley waldron says:

he is clueless why does he want gates hes a computer geek not a virlogist

Cherie McCormick says:

As soon as the press talk I just turn it off!!! There stupid questions drive me mad

Cherie McCormick says:

Need to get the idiots off London’s streets spreading the virus!!!!!

simon richards says:

Article 61 …

adsotbraz says:

Is the prime minister lying again about having the c-virus?

Anthony Patrick says:

Bill Gates????? Goodness gracious me!

sandra cooper says:

If we are doing so well, and have the situation under control !! how come we are still having poor people dieing and the infection rate is climbing ???? and we are one of the worse infected country's that has the virus and we are opening up !!!!!!! unbelievable

Zhang Ruyi says:

I am so pleased that the PM is a Sinophile. I am a Boris-phile too! He can never do anything wrong in my eyes. I am so pleased I voted for the Tories in the December 2019 election.

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