Watch again: Boris Johnson updates nation on coronavirus test kits

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chief Scientific Adviser Chris Whitty give daily briefing to update on COVID-19 developments.

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TyroneKing1977 says:

Lets hope this antibody test isn't pie in the sky!

birdofpreyproductions says:

If those measures were the correct thing to do it wouldn't have changed so quickly would it

Natural Born Chiller says:

Boris is your podieum shrinking on wide pan view


Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.
Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.
Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.
Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.
Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.
Stay home. Help the NHS.
Go out. Volunteer to help the NHS.

LEWYB 11 says:

What is that guys name on the left does anyone know?

Lewis Thacker says:

Well just give us the same as employees job done

Celtic Whisper says:

Just read on a different site that Parts of Italy are closing their petrol stations. Bit by bit they're penning us in.

Natural Born Chiller says:

Stay apart 2metres uhm didn't it once admit it's airborne


The UK has a population of nearly 68,000,000 each one is at risk of contracting the virus, It would be a huge task for any Govt to try to keep its population, safe, fed and financially stable, in what are unique circumstances, This is a Worldwide crisis, Boris and his Govt have a huge battle ahead and no doubt many mistakes or errors of judgement will be made, as there is no textbook solution for the way ahead, every day will bring new challenges and problems, the only way we can ease this situation is for all of us to forget our political, religious, cultural and racial differences and pull together and support whatever measures however extreme are put in place, all our lives and the lives of our family, friends and neighbours depend on it, keep strong, keep safe and keep on supporting each other

Flippinektucker says:

All the new laws that will be set in stone after this mystery out of the blue virus? Will make our children's future wonderful

Daisy says:

The kind people in this country far outweigh the idiots

Falco Sirrus says:

Prince Charles of course got his test kit.

Chow Yun-fat says:


Seema Rani says:

Please close all factories like chicken factories Domino,s 🙏🙏.

don marshall says:

Should it not be law that all people wear masks when out , it would help not passing germ on.Also icant understand that all staff in supermarkets , under companys duty of care are not supplied and enforced to wear masks,

Against All Odds says:

yes the NHS is fantastic!!!!! Nurses should have a pay rise!!! They are absolute angels

wow bizz says:

I understand it is an economical strugle now, to ensure all the payments for People wich was afected. But it is your duty becouse People they pay monthly taxes!
And in uk your sistem for employee is not giving any insurance, agency contracts with40h or without 0h contract, this People they are like disposable products!
So hmrc and goverment should give a New set of rules for agencys, insuring the employees!

Dean Roper says:

It's all bullshit. Turn off the news and everything is fine it's all a plandemic none of it's real

Harry Smith says:

What about me self employed no work ?no money ?no hope

Robert Thomas says:

So we all go to work as normal and spread this virus welldone

Natural Born Chiller says:

Is this just not a 5g roll out test?

Robert Thomas says:

So what is the point if he not answer anything

mary hewitt says:

Please test medical staff too, not everyone have symptoms so there for we might be infecting other's that we are supposed to be caring for

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