VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 19

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The Crew is joined by award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital to breakdown and react to CGi from their past films! Thanks to Weta Digital for the Exclusive Clips!

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ZPlin says:

Why does Midway CGI looks great yet so bad?

SealSniper 518 says:

Can you react to the movie chappy. Really cool.

Darth Jasper says:

Stranger Things 3: melting people and rats

F K says:

Should react to the space scene in Life of Brian if haven't already

Denis Grachev says:

The worst cartoon in terms of graphics: "Дети против волшебников" =D

WTFBazda says:

Holy shit, Mickey popping up had me rolling! Lmao!

K R Edits says:

Indian film vishwaroopam has some good CG scenes please take a look at that

Maniratnam Prakash says:

Please make a video on Godzilla:king of monsters

Mitchell Down says:

Opening scene in castaway. I think they used a vfx shot when the parcel is in Russia being carried upstairs

flozigo97 says:

Crazy Coincidence^^ I was at the weta cave in Wellington 2 weeks ago and our tour giude was Matt.

ThatFoxyOne says:

I would love to see you guys do Hollow Man. Watched it recently and the special effects hold up. I’d love to know how they did them.

Pixel Adventures says:

Hey… great channel.. the VFX react series is what brought me to you guys… really awesome work..
Can you guys please do The Mask (1994) if not already done? I just watched it again this weekend and the its aged really well.

Adryan van den Berg says:

Not sure if you reviewed this yet, but imo ready player one was great

AVD Production’s says:

You should react to Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 episode 16. The fight at the end

SouperMovieCritic says:

Here’s a great cgi clip from back in the day.

Dude! Where’s my car?

Bo Bukowski says:

1917? Whats practical what's cgi

Coco Loco says:

React to war films, for example Saving Private Ryan, Hacksaw Ridge, Full Metal Jacket, 1918, Dunkirk etc.


Next u should do it with Adam savage

Vlad Diedov says:

Please react to Kung Fu Hustle (2004). Thank you!

Kassiel says:

please react to The 5th element

Torin Hampton says:

You might've done it in an earlier vid, but you should take a look at percy jackson. Just rewatched it recently and would like to hear what you think!

James Barnes says:

Can you guys react to the opening scene of Along Came a Spider? Hilariously bad

stephen keesee says:

how much of Netflixs Night on Earth is CGI

Audio says:

Transporter 2 – plane scene

AlexWølf says:

Hey guys, your show is great! What an awesome idea to have Matt Aiken on your show. Like Wren I've watched the LOTR behind the scene a million times. It was so cool hearing from him. Some VFX you should talk about are the ones used in Netflix's Lost In Space, particularly the ones with the Robot. They look amazing, would love to hear your opinions about them.

Samuel Hopkins says:

Review the the Locke and Key (Netflix original series) ep 1 mirror shot, multiple character pit hand through and walk through a mirror

Bong Ordaneza says:



You should react to real steel good movie

Qisms says:

Do pirates of the Caribbean

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