VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 15

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Niko, Wren, and Clint break down the VFX from some of your favorite films.
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toag says:

the quicksilver scene, does no one else have a problem with the Walkman… shouldn't it have only played like a second maybe two at the most, of the song. He's not altering time, he's moving fast. Its a mistake so blatant and obvious it kind of ruins the scene a bit.

Jade Campbell says:

I loved the Citizen Kane reference!

Peanut B says:

triggered marvel fankids saying clint doesnt watch movies at all, go watch better movies kids!


Big fan of the channel! Can you remake some of the "Who Killed Captain Alex" effects. I'd love to see that!

Derek Morris says:

Popular Monster by Falling in Reverse music video!

Ricky Bronze says:

In that shot of Swordfish, it looks like that guy in the top right corner moves with the camera. Like he's blown up into the air, and then as the camera moves, he moves in the air with the camera angle. Mega oof

Abraham Zatarain says:

I wanna see you guys fix Ugandan special fx please

Jeremiah Puga says:

The scenes in Limitless when hes walking down the street while the camera is following him steadily but the scenery is whizzing past him are cool af and I'd love to know how they're done. Plus when hes hallucinating. Please react to them!!

Trey J. Anderson says:


Tanner Swanson says:

We all know Swordfish was marketed on the Halle Berry scene – not the explosion

Garay Workshop says:

Would be great a Stuntman react to old movies like Buster Keaton or Chaplin…

The Dark Knight 52 says:

Balrog scene Lord of the rings

Zane Anderson says:


Ryan Dennis says:

R Rated Captain alex?

Darth Iniquitous says:

Half of half…..🙄 Quarter, 1/4, .25, 25%.

Lokesh ch says:

Unreal engine in camera fx is awesome

p1x3l_p4nd4 says:

12:30 so what you saying is they made a irl skybox for the movie.

James McCloud says:

The Martian

LaszyKeroen says:

no one:
Niko: impOssible

Vitalicio Hernández says:

what about deadpool

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