VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 12

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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood’s zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?

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benny cp says:

Please do pulimurugan malayalam movie

sabarishwaran says:

'I' Vikram movie

Griffin Fletcher says:

go to 5:18 and notice how the guys arm goes through a part of the boat.

Thomas Tank says:

Please react to Marvel's Runaways and cloak and Dagger

Smitty Plays says:

And for Spider Man I literally thought they forgot to animate his costume 😂😂 I was like why is he wearing a motion capture suit

Smitty Plays says:

The Boston Dynamics video was super popular on Instagram and it had my cousins fooled 😂😂 they showed it to me not know I knew it was you guys and he was like we are screwed 😂

duncan rmi says:

one of the better ones, this. 🙂

Cυɾɾყ dєsu says:

3:49 lol

Morgan Granquist says:

The covenant 2006

Alex Day says:

Damn it guys, now I can't look at supergirl the same way ever 😅😂

Hemanth Kumar B says:

Plz watch kgf movie dudes Indian best visual effect movie in 2019

Tech News for Tech Noobs says:

I nominate the tunnel scene from I, Robot. There's a lot going on there that I am picking out now just from watching your videos.

1. Light reflections galore…overhead lights on the top of the car, along the side of the tunnel, from the "trucks" in front of the car…each with different movement properties
2. Reflections of the robots on the car windshield change in brightness based on their height in the truck in front of the car
3. Light reflections on the robots themselves…while in constant motion
4. Might be me, but I would think that a broken windshield would have a little haziness around the broken edges…but this is the future car glass here, so who knows.
5. The hole in the windshield is essentially a "frame" for Will Smith to be inserted into, surrounded but all the CGI Action
6. The insane motion blur of the car spinning fast from the outside view compare to the inside view

7. All the motion, lighting and damage effects as the car is flipped upside down

Sebastião Soares says:

Have u done sharknado?

sabarishwaran says:

Enthiran, rajini's movie

Ricky Mason says:

no bumping the lamp?

Mason Spencer says:

Does anyone know the shirt Wren is wearing? It looks cool but I have no idea how to look it up

Jake the dog says:

I'd love to see you guys take a look at The Thing (1982)! One of the greatest horror movies ever, with some SERIOUSLY special effects!

Bee Emm says:

Can we have more dogs feature in future episodes???

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