Tyler's Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for McKall

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This was my surprise wedding dance for my wife McKall at our reception at the Salt Lake Hardware Building. She had no idea we were doing this. Our wedding was January 11, 2011. Love us some Bieber Fever!


zulmaruby says:

OMG I want this for my wedding😂😂

Mortishia IJzendoorn says:

wauw this is amazing and ofcorse creative. if it was a surprise or not its good it was fun and that's where its about 😉

McKall Feulner says:

Just for the record, the performance was a surprise. We actually did the dance twice, the videographer filmed both dances (the surprise and the encore). No tucking of the shirt mid dance. So I am being honest. It's just edited to give angles from the front and back.

verified belieber says:

what kinda wedding dress is that???

Edmund Chin says:

lol I saw some michael jackson inspired moves hahaha

Thugbrizzle says:

No homo, but there seem to be no ugly people at this wedding.

soquuu says:

shirt in his pants / on top / in / on etc ;/

Betsy Deslippe says:

my faveite song

Marcelo ULIANO FARIA says:

Que engraçado parece um Jogo dos 7 Erros, Uma Hora ele aparece com a blusa pra Dentro e DEPOIS pra fora e depois pra Dentro de novo, e notem acessorio preto de segurar as Calças, l aparece no inicio e DEPOIS nao, e DEPOIS de novo, esquisito.

Summer Luv says:

Wow impressive!

belieber5ntrol says:

aww.. hahah nice…

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