Tucker Carlson Slams Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

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Temerator1 says:

Awww bullocks!
I liked Andrew Yang until you showed me this 🙁
So sorry for your mistake, Andrew Yang.
(Maybe it is actually good he quit the election race)

keisha thomas says:

He is such a tool!

Belle Jar says:

Desperately waiting for a centrist balanced news source to emerge from the sea of religious fervor intent on dividing us

Matlaw Mugi says:

America continues to tear itself apart!

alexovil2222 says:

Her husband did a good job in my opinion, but so did Trump… we had a very good economy before the virus; it makes me think why the virus had to exist after Trump did a god job in my opinion!

Enda Dorgan says:

Go Tucker!!

grampa's_pride65 says:

BTW: 14 last year 8 this year. If there were 8 this year it means IT HASN'T STOPPED… DICK…

Yian Pap says:

I wouldn't vote for Trump if I were American, but I can;t say Carlson is much wrong there. One "feels" like they cannot say anything negative about M Obama, it's like it's not allowed.

taxfreedollars says:

Tucker Carlson, the next Alex Jones.

Savannah2751 says:

Tucker didn't understand Michelle speech or he didn't want to. The never ending stream of people killed included Black People over the years. Remember Trevon Martin, Emmett Till? As long as she is Black she has the right to speak about what concerns Black people, and I don't think she can change her color. She didn't say people were bad, just that their mind is made up not to. There were lots of people who are not in politics or ever wants to be speak up when they are asked or for a friend. Many people honestly believe they things that Michelle says and have a lot of respect for her, but according to you, they don't have the right to say so because she doesn't support your candidate. Yes she is an intelligent Black woman who has money who has a law degree, but I don't hear you talking about the rich white people who you like. It is easy for you to talk about her, and so you do it.

talleyrand says:

what did the other half do when he/she was there in the White House, ?? ,what a bullshit artist, Did you say a $11 million dollar house where did the money come from ,being a president must pay well ,though D Trump gives his to veterans and upkeep of ware cemetaries what did smiling "Jack" ever give
who are the sycophants ???? ye gods i just watched Mother Tersa or is that Virgin Mary speaking
AS we say in AU " dont come thew raw prawn"

Eddie Gee says:

As a republican I must ask where is our current first lady? Shouldn't she be responding to Michelle Obama? Trump married a dumbass skirt with no personality. Melania Trump is nothing more than a trophy wife. Unfortunately for us Republicans she cannot match up with a Michelle Obama

eye wonder says:

What did we expect?

Rose says:

I can't stand her! totally phony!!!!

Rose says:

White people elected her con man husband.

Rose says:


Bill Brown says:

Play Michelle's glowing speech praising Harvey Weinstein. Her compass is off. Way off.

D M says:

All of the media is LEFTist I see. All of the good music is LEFT. All of the good inventions are LEFT. All of the elite institutions are LEFT. All of the science is LEFT. All of the highest price real estate is LEFT. Face it the RIGHT just has abortion as a potentially valid issue and the rest is just fear, lack of critical thinking ability and cult / tribalist / lower primate / lower cortex mentality. Deplorable maybe not but definitely not useful to the cause of human progress. But then with such a mentality you don't much care about human progress. Let it all burn so we meet Jesus?

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