Trudeau calls on provinces to request COVID-19 testing and contact tracing help

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Two of Canada’s most populous provinces are reopening part of their economies as each continues to fall short of COVID-19 testing goals.

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Red Dwarf says:

The CERB doesn’t even cover rent…people want to work you morons.

Red Dwarf says:

My mom’s on the CERB. She was laid off, not by choice. I am tired of people with money putting down the poor.

Lady Datura says:

Our albertatracetogether app is pretty good. I'm torn about a federal app… while I think provinces should be doing this, I can't help but think a country- wide one would be beneficial since people will be traveling across provinces for work etc and won't be accessing each app to see who they come in contact with, so country wide tracing would help with that. Otherwise, nationwide spread will continue.

Jim B says:

Open everything. The businesses, the borders, everything NOW!

Circolo Group says:

Cbc is a disgrace government paid media woth your tax dollar

Lady Datura says:

So wonderful hearing from one of our Veterans ❤

Dirt Reynolds says:

How many Covid19 deaths have resulted from victims having been given a Flu Vaccine in the past? Fight back! I do not consent!!!!

Red Dwarf says:

People who still need the CERB, honest laid off people who can’t find work yet, are so screwed because of the pressure to scrap it by people who don’t need it. What’s wrong with people?

Building Castles says:

I will just work on keeping healthy, wear a mask while inside public places or crowded outdoor places and live my life! Going to ditch the cell phone, keep vaccines the F away from me as well as keeping sticks from being jammed up my nose. I will try to be careful as not to need medical attention because I no longer trust the medical profession….Sick of tyranny!

Thalia Charney says:

My huge regrets to the Asian community for any racism you have experienced in recent days. We (the vast majority of us) stand with you in Canada.

VikingGolfer says:

Anybody notice that the most deaths are occurring in Liberal held provinces… just saying….

Kim 1961 says:

People.who are not sick will not get tested because not many trust is government at all at this point

Indigo-Angel Productions says:

federal government should have no access to contact tracing Data. it should be provincially run.. No federal tracing thank you

Circolo Group says:

Whats the impatience? Maybe livelihoods and the economy you re disgusting rosie

Josh Becker says:

"Work to ensure our democracy" as he tears it down piece by piece

Trevor Watson says:

That’s a lie they keep bring plains with people every day

John Williams says:

More scare tactics by the media, lets keep this story going. These people love the sound of their own voices…………

A CB says:

Stay away from Apple and Google, they are too large and too independent, and therefore can't be trusted with the data. Instead pick a small company which Canada has a thumb over, and can easily pull the plug if they choose to play hard ball.

Elle K says:

“The statistics” what age brackets is mostly affected???…that’s what we want to know…. It’s looking like the old age population is mostly affected, along with those with preexisting health conditions. Canadians deserve truth, rather than fear and control.

Each of us must reflect on what these “tracing tools” imply for your rights and freedoms. Don’t be fooled!

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