this channel has gone MISSING… (Ozzy Osbourne)

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this channel has gone MISSING… the official channel of Ozzy Osbourne has gone missing on youtube. It redirects you to a brand new channel with 30k subs.

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JT says:

apparently it looks different on mobile, try it on desktop!

Samridh Singh says:

The redirected channel was created in September 2 2009 ten years ago

DaStreamers says:

Jton, there is other channel happen the same thing before but i forgot the name of the channel

Isaackingvidos random stuff says:

RIP channel

TerrorBlox says:

Gives me a bad gut feeling dunno why its just creepy his channel is gone

ItsJackal says:

Theres more channel likr this

Janecki swag says:

I,m surprised that channel 0:40 has so many subscribers. With 0 videos.

jazzalcubo x says:

a spanish channel called Bobicraft you open it and now says an error

IronClaw says:

This account that you're redirected to was created in 2009, so he can't have been trying to make a brand account.

What am I doing? says:

Works on mobile

CroppedRubbish_YT says:

took me to the official channel with 800k subs for some reason

rex says:

Why do you always put ".." or "…" in your titels?

FrostBYTE says:

The same thing happens with the SSB channel, it redirects to Nintendo

Omar Radi says:

JT your backup channel is hacked

Marvoco says:

This is just like Sean Kingston's Youtube Channel

freakin' adam says:

You should look into the fake 21XXX album that appears on XXXTENTACION’s and 21 Savage’s channels.

wayne peterson says:

It's back everybody

Nukezy GH says:

If you do it on mobile, switch the filters and the hacker’s there

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