The Real City – Season 3 Episode 7 – "We could have had it all.." FINAL!

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“final. for now. may be returning, not confirmed.” – 04/26/2011
Hey Guys!
I know it’s been way too long.
I’m very sorry if you guys are upset with me right now for quitting The Real City. But who knows.. maybe I will continue it.. in the future.
But for now.. I gotta “move on”. The real reason for quitting is school and having no time left. I also lost my inspiration and I’m focusing on a new story line for a melody-series (like my nelena-zelena video-series) .

Well I really hoped you liked the three seasons I’ve been doing.
I had an amazing time and loved all your comments and I still hope you’ll be subscribing me!

Love you all,
(true love waits ;-))


wonderstruckforever says:

was the boy she chose zac then caus eim a little confused?

Elisa Ver says:

Please make more or a final ending for every character! This is soo good!!

lovable19991 says:

so is this it the end omg getting really emotional here find it really funny i spent the whole night watching from series one and now im craving for season 4 lol i loved this series full of romance drama anger tears happiness scandals omg cant believe its over a big fan xoxo

jm021202 says:

You should let someone adopt the series from here but not just anyone someone really good with these things. I love you but you know just for the fans just a small suggestion

janae stewart says:

dude goshh yuu left uss with a good zelena ending please continue or atleast make a episode saying years later and where everybody's at now or something not just quit just think about it please for the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

rosemasenhalecullen says:

hOPE YOU`LL MAKE MORE! 😀 Ur amazing!

ama asseh says:

what is the name of the theme song please

truelovedoesntwait says:

@FAILiAM Thank you very much!

Ela Ine says:

this was beautiful. i completely understand your choices, and i'll stand by no matter what! (:

Tiana Ahuja says:

Zanessa and Jiley!!!!!!!!!!
Please Make More!!!

soccerlover717 says:

I just spent the last 3 hours catching up with this series, and I absolutely loved it!! <3

Ri says:

so ur still continuing with ur zack selena nick videos that u have been doing?

HollyDproductions says:

awww i liked how things were going with niley but in some way I would like to everything go back to how it was, zelena and jiley

Ri says:

amazing i wish it was longer

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