The 2020 Republican National Convention: Day One | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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The 2020 Republican National Convention begins with a bizarre roll call from state delegates and the promise of four nightly speeches by President Trump.

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mindy mills says:

I'm hating your jokes you suck

Thomas Murphy says:

Compare Trevor's coverage of the DNC to the RNC. Biased much?

Nancy Rocks says:

You are just jealous because the DNC was a dismal and a depressing failure. Biden’s speech was boring and was his recycled speech from 2008. Biden was same ole boring Biden. He was on geritol getting through a boring and plagiarized speech. Boo hoo. Trump 2020. You are doomed.

William Bruce Wilhite says:

The Democrats have always been the party of race. They had the slave plantations. Somehow, Democrats still have most black people on their political plantation. They have sought to control the votes of African Americans since Reconstruction, and by offering monetary bribes for votes, the Democrats still, to this very day, control the votes of African Americans. Seek the truth and you will be free, at last.

Anthony DePalma says:

Lol literally nobody is watching this crap. First comment

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