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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Ummm says:

I really wish the dogs with in the intro

Realsani Tv says:

why you telling her business

Davion Patterson says:

3:39 danceing

Nikita Robertson says:


Shamekia Harrison says:

Yaya is crazy💀😂!

Kyrah Beals says:

Snowy said team girl and I’m on team girl

janiyah pressley says:

i wont melinda have a girl

Jacqueline Tomlin says:

Congrats Melinda

Princess gamer Abihannah Lafleur says:

I know it’s fried dumplings are

Queen Holsey says:

I love your intro and you guys 💕

Gabe Davis says:

I’m Jayla

Arianna0. Bethea says:

It was really funny how don acted when you said that you was no having a baby

Ann Wedgeworth says:


Ann Wedgeworth says:

Ya'll having three kids you have Yaya dj and a boy or girl by the way I am team girl my name is Torrie and I like your new intro I don't like it I love it 😇

Mia Gibson says:

January 16 was my birthday 🎂

Gregg Fleming says:

I think u are having twings

NyKavia Peeples says:

Plzzz can I get a shout out I love y’all so much


i know what fried dumpling is

Lawless T says:

mp eye brows are not even

Kyeita Fish says:

Congrats to yall with baby no3 praying healthy pregancy and baby too

Foday Kanu says:

Congratulations malinda

Brianna Artis says:

I am team girl and twins with don and my girl yaya

Akelie Francis says:

What is DJJJJJJJJJ number he is my Don

Brenda Jackson says:

A new baby would be nice !

Isatou Jaiteh says:


Isatou Jaiteh says:

Melinda like you gril become you get bon a pranks

Isatou Jaiteh says:

We love you guys so good good luck

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