I want this to be a part 1. I have so much more to say. get this to 12k likes and I’ll make a part 2, digging deeper into the differences between British/German culture as [More]
As the World is still searching for a cure or at least an effective drug for the coronavirus, the authors of a study published by the Lancet pulled out of it after WHO and other [More]
New analysis from Australian scientists has found around 15 per cent of people with coronavirus are asymptomatic. That means they’re carriers without having symptoms, and unless they’re tested, they won’t know they have it. It’s [More]
Jeffrey Shaman, professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University School of Public Health, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the doubling nature of the spread of coronavirus makes it crucially important to act quickly [More]
NBC News’ Dr. Natalie Azar breaks down a new study from Columbia University that says delays in establishing a coronavirus lockdown may have cost thousands of lives. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch [More]
A new report from a nationwide team of more than 5,000 doctors shows promising results for using convalescent plasma, an experimental treatment that uses antibody-rich blood serum of recovered COVID-19 patients to help the sick. [More]
A new study suggests that a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus, which spread from China to Europe and then to the U.S., may be even more contagious than the original. Dr. Rob Elfenbien joined CBSN [More]
Scientists in Italy now say coronavirus has been detected in particles of air pollution, which allowed it to be carried over long distances. Chris Livesay reports on the new findings and what they mean.
As the debate rages worldwide about when to send people back to work, a new report says COVID-19 could be even more contagious than previously believed. It’s been detected on tiny particles of air pollution [More]
A New York study seeking to measure the spread of the new coronavirus found that 13.9% of 3,000 people tested across the state had signs of the virus, one of the biggest U.S. reviews to [More]
The Associated Press reports a VA study found no benefit to coronavirus patients taking hydroxychloroquine, so have some effective treatments been found? Dr. Kativa Patel explains. Aired on 04/21/2020. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC [More]
A new, unpublished study found that hydroxychloroquine, a drug President Trump has cited as key in fighting coronavirus, has a higher death rate among coronavirus patients compared to those not on the drug.
Dr. Dena Goffman, chief of obstetrics at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center talks with Rachel Maddow about a study she co-authored which tested asymptomatic pregnant women arriving to the hospital to give birth and found [More]
COVID-19 antibody testing is underway at multiple locations in California to determine just how widespread the coronavirus is there. Officials said this could help determine when the area can safely reopen. NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz [More]
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