Today we tried out some science experiments for kids which are basically 5 minute crafts. So we did a Magic Milk Experiment which amazing for toddlers, then we did a volavno eruption and balloon blow [More]
SURPRISINGLY USEFUL KITCHEN HACKS These hacks will change your life! Here you’ll find unexpected milk hacks, brilliant ways to use glass, and smart coca-cola hacks you need to try. Don’t forget to subscribe and click [More]
Today’s Edgy Veg episode is another Vegan Taste Test. Candice and James bravely sample Almond Milk Yogurt, Jackfruit BBQ Pulled Pork, Vegan Cream Cheese, Brewdog IPA, Almond Cream Cheese, Chickpeatos, Cold Brew Coffee and more. [More]
Based on a viewer’s experiments, we decided to try whipping up a batch of french press coffee using hot milk instead of hot water. Watch as Allison puts on her Mad Scientist gear and has [More]
Ninguém gosta de admitir, mas todo mundo sente inveja, esse sentimento que faz você desejar que o que é do outro passe a ser só seu. Começa como admiração. Você descobre alguém parecido com você [More]