Senate announces coronavirus stimulus deal, reaches trillions of dollars | USA TODAY

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Senate announces third coronavirus relief bill.
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A third coronavirus stimulus package was announced by the Senate, reaching $2 trillion and including direct payments to individuals and hospitals.

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imdefinitly18now says:

The deal congress anounced today still hasn't been aproved? Correct?

Conner Studio says:

Another money grab for the rich…

Iam2flycam awa says:

Your telling me these airlines have no money after less than 3 weeks?!? How TF does that happen? They make billions every quarter

Martin Morris says:

This package will not help the average middle-class family because the income caps are low. Congress is helping lie income families but providing nothing to middle class families. Capping the "relief checks" for anyone making $99,000 in 2018 won't help someone who was laid off in 2020 due to this virus. It also won't help a middle class family with children when both parents exceeded the cap in 2018 and now one of both parents got laid off or is working at home for half pay.

Surger Scream says:

Will we have the coronavirus in our blood for LIFE??

Is it like HIV? Will coronavirus turn into


Just because someone with coronavirus

no longer has the flu…

Will that virus attack our white blood cell

and we will die like that?

WHy won't they give us more info about that?

Markus Smith says:

What constitutes “adult” Bc I just turned 18 in January. Does that mean I get a check?

vermary says:

This bill is ridiculous, most of the money should be going to the healthcare system to overcome the pandemic and to give the unemploy money to survive and not to help the corporation. Let the corporation go broke. They used their tax cut and purchase stocks. Let them go broke.

Cameron says:

Can someone explain to me please about how this works like is every American just getting a check or do you have to have something happen to receive one or anything u have to do

Bruh Really says:

BAN OUTSOURCING we shouldn't be buying shit from China when it's plenty of Americans who need these jobs

Ernesti K says:

When will we see this check lol

Blaine Mitchell says:

Not one Republican or Fox News lackie asked how we're going to pay for this.

Tyler C says:

Why just $2T when they could have just as easily entered $200T into the computer?

Young Thug Leak Station says:

Okay but yall forgot that it still has to get approved in the house next 😂, how many more weeks will that take before they say yes?

Phyllis Foster says:

Well I'd rather see it go to struggling Americans who are being massively impacted by lay offs, lack of medical insurance and an uncertain future than to pump trillions into our bottomless Military arsenal and global conflicts that we seem to happily fund whether its warranted or not. This is a "wake up call" that our h Country has been on the wrong path for some time now. We have a President who has no regard for the environment, for the average worker who keeps this great country afloat or for the millions of honest, hard working Americans who cannot get sick because medical insurance is out of their reach! We have a President who has no regard or respect for decency, responsible leadership or the counsel of experts. It's time we realize that greed and arrogance can only reign for so long before the system completely crumbles. The crumbling has begun.

I Am you. says:

It's an attempt to save capitalism. Quit sure stock holders are going to flock to U.S. treasures as markets crumble. This will bankrupt America along with its treasures and the dollar will be eliminated. Every nation using the petro dollar is going to hyperinflate to unheard of records. Import dependent nations are going to starve as prices skyrocket. This is the dollar's last stand, but it will fall. Printing fiat money to bail out corporations is just to create another debt bubble. When the Dow hits 18.000 say your prays, market analyst will say GDP will bounce back in half a year but it won't. The depth of the collapse will greatly depend on industry sectors. The agenda is a one world currency.

J B says:

no unemployment for the self employed

lolo O says:

I'm using my $1200 for Pornhub Premium for my mental health…

I'm alone and lonely…. xD jk

Mass Kreations says:

You mean they finally quit refusing it bc they couldn’t get there personal wish list approved through it? We need to adjust politics. We need to implement new age limits on political positions, we need to reduce the size and amount of government. So many different elected officials and only a select few ever fight for what the people actually want. They use their political seats for selfish reasons. Either downsize and set in new regulations or the people need to take the government back and start over

Wutzis says:

capitalism dead. US insolvent. no free markets. You will be paying for these trillions in bailouts and fed QE through less purchasing power and debt slavery

hugh jorgan says:

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"—-Spock
Apply your own interpretation of this principle as it relates to the stimulus bill. For me, it's crystal clear.

Matthew Herrington says:

Two trillion now?! I think they know that they're subjecting American taxpayers to a form of indentured servitude towards the ballooning nat'l debt in the near future. Get rid of corporate bailouts and earmarked leftist hobby horses. This is a sham, and the only people that should get any money are American taxpayers, not corporations.

Tyler C says:

What about the next relief package? Keep 'em coming!

Maxx Dennis says:

It's my money and I NEED IT NOW!!.♪♪Call your state representative today tell them you need your money now♪♪.

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