Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite unboxing and key features

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s top features at a glance! We also do a quick unboxing so we don’t miss any details that make this phone special.

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Sebastián Abraham says:

I will wait for the note 20 lite.

MR.Hammad Dalloul says:

Is this available in the US

GSMArena Official says:

Our full Galaxy Note 10 Lite review is up now:

Rosalina Hernandez says:

Beautiful 👌

오우야쓰 says:

I am Korean, but I cannot use the Galaxy Note 10 lite because it has not been released in Korea. It's annoying. I really want to use it.

guerre1859 says:

As owner of a Note 10 Plus, I'm a little envious of the flat screen which is significantly better to draw on than the beveled screen. As for the plastic build, I don't mind–I had the earlier Note devices and the plastic was lighter, less slippery, and more durable than the glass/metal we're seeing now (and which the bulk of the shill tech media has gullibly embraced).
One question I would ask is: does the Note 10 lite continue the extremely annoying minimized screen-write (see comments on Samsung site) of the other Note 10s? The minimized screen write is a deal-breaker–and if Samsung continues with it, more than a few loyal Note buyers will stop buying these devices.

Monkey4274 Gaming says:

Where can you get one??

Anonymous says:

What about the proximity sensor? Is that IR hardware sensor or virtual/ultrasound sensor that gave issues like AOD turning on in pocket or accidental 911 dialing on S10+? 😆

Jaythee Agbayani says:

does it have dex?

Yahya Naveed says:

More concerned about long term heatup with games and other multimedia apps. Note 9 and S9+ were plagued by these problems due to heating battery and processor combination leading to screen damage.

OneStopShop says:

They should've done this at launch.
You can get a like new used note 10+ for around $600 on Ebay smh

Fathoni A. Musyaffa says:

Unfortunately, no Dex support.

Pamela Montesa says:

This would have been perfect if it is water resistant

Victor Dumangas says:

Aaahh your voice 🥰

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