Ruto's allies ouster, COVID-19 cases, Kindiki ouster motion, Kenya-Tanzania tiff | Week in review

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King Kinjikitile says:

Who’s research? The one you copy from everyone else?

Talib Said says:

But Tanzania have dealt with Corona way earlier then Kenya buy Kenya the fast thing they did was lockdown and later realised it was a bad move

Talib Said says:

Kenyan government were looking for an escape got for they're failures and they decided to pick Tanzania

Ja Busia says:

Tanga tanga group are not sincere they want to continue serving in same government they claim is intimidating them. They don't even want to be held accountable even when they steal

Fenner Ombura says:

Tanzania is not careless about corona issues; what they are doing about corona does not include curfew and quarantine whole regions. All other measures against corona are in place. If they succeed it will be a plus for us.

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