Roasting your PCs to fight COVID-19 (Charity stream)

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Let’s trash talk some PCs while fundraising for LA Food Bank! DONATE HERE:


Can’t donate? Use your computer to fight coronavirus by Folding At Home! Start Folding:
Paul’s explains Folding At Home:


DoctorJefe says:

For those of you who missed the stream today, Kyle plans on streaming tomorrow at 12 PM PST (around that time, you know how hard it is to keep to a schedule). Hope to see you there to raise more money, raffle off another GPU, and have a fun time hanging out. More strawpolls will be created 🙂

GaborBartal says:

Sitting that much isn't healthy

Mirdge says:

What headphones are you using?

Mirdge says:

What headphones are you using?

Rob Andrews says:

Completely missed the stream, from the uk so it was the exact time I was asleep
No notification either

Abin John says:

Send me a ips 144 hz 1ms monitor,brother from another mother

Abin John says:

Send me a ips 144 hz 1ms monitor brother from another mother

ps3aciv says:

10 minutes ago I just woke up ;_;

juraj anđal says:

Wait? Stream ended few minutes ago? That means if I wake up half an hour earlier, I would have been there…

juraj anđal says:

Aaaaaaaaaannndddssd I missed 10K

SkilledRebuilds says:

A SHOT for every "Ugh"

jaffajake23 says:

I have a question. When building a mid range pc why does everyone go with a ryzen 5 instead of a ryzen 7 3700 for example.

Josiah Lambert says:

8:30:32 uses their bottom as the exhaust

noAIMnoSKILLnoKILL says:

Getting notification and thinking it's just another vid…

And you realize it's over 8 hours for a good cause…

Shrey Verma says:

This is absolutely amazing!! Congratulations on the 10k donations! For some reason I didn't get the notification that you're live 🙃🙃

N0obSkillz Gaming says:

people just trying to troll you lmao

TechrJA Media says:

Beer drinking, alcohol drinking tech channel…. Hmmmm ( Craft Computing ) ?

Steven Watts says:

I watched for several hours on and off. Congrats on the $10K plus donations. I’m from Alabama but I’m glad CA food bank will be able to stock up and feed all those people.

athul m says:

I couldn't be in full stream because my timezone is different I was I. From 7 hours in. So missed a large part and now I am re watching from the beginning .love your vids ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Shahir Khairati says:

9 hours aye. well this is gonna take a few days to finish watching

SRG __Miller says:

Woah 9 hours!

chpjimmy says:

Never saw that this was live or you even uploaded or anything… wtf… I’ve been on and off YouTube all night long and didn’t see anything about this. Sorry man. Would of loved to watched and hung out while you streamed.

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