Ricky Gervais skewers Hollywood's A-list as Golden Globes host

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Heidi Minten says:

Ricky Gervais doesn t want to be a legend. He doesn t care!

Duncan Sands says:

Even after being split roasted by Grevais the muppets all did their political speaches???

john wayne says:

whether he thought if this stuff or someone else did he still couldn't remember it all and he's reading a teleprompter I mean am I right

SS says:

Pedowood hypocrite at its finest with that fat ass. He was besties with Jimmy Savile. One of the worst paedophiles in the UK. How rich that he would be commenting on his own hypocrisies.

Toxic Male says:

[PedoWood Disliked That]

Allan D says:

About time somebody on tv other than Trump spoke the truth

MishkaSky says:

What a god!

Paul Trainor says:

Well well done. Wish he would have called out that nutjob Di Niro who is beyond a lowlife. Makes millions off the working class (who support Trump) and is a total classless pos towards his own staff and the POTUS. Otherwise a beautiful speech. Well well done.

Chantal Cormier says:

Thank you Rick, these people need a wake up call🤬

Patrick LaBelle says:

Hollywood stars, because of their celebrity and fandom, started believing that their opinions on politics and on life mattered more than anybody else on the planet, and they their celebrity made them morally superior to the rest of us.
It is great to see them put back in their place, for once.

dimitrius sergivius says:

the truth is like slap in the face to these people!

Cherie Smith says:

Wow …hit the nail right on the head …much respect for you Mr Gervais 👏👏👏

MrElPoderozo1 says:

Till this day they still hurting from his words.😁
Who watch this shit anyway? Celebrities are so overrated and now that they have shown their true colors the people hate them.

Sean Delap says:

He clearly hit a nerve judging by their arkward expressions the truth clearly hits close to home.

Karate Is a Language says:

never thought i would hear the phrase "fuck off" by a host of a major hollywood award show at the awards show

Morris Leone says:

One truthful person.

Wink Dinkerson says:

Is that canned laughter or actual applause? And…

Epstien didn't kill himself

Lanse Lithgow says:

Awarding Ricky Gervais a globe would be superflous, he alredy has a pair!

Lanse Lithgow says:

Roast! Nuked lt!

SuperBad says:

Gang of twats clapping and cheering

Ursa Minor says:

Brilliantly said.

Archer143 says:

I love this speech

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