Priti Patel gives COVID-19 daily briefing

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Priti Patel hold the daily briefing to update on the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom.

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Ryan Mullock says:

The government is stupid I hope they all die.

Zaib Ali says:

She's trying to show that she's not Indian! She's working at Theresa may plan

Keith Barry says:


Micheal Taylor says:


MrTonpark says:

She Bullies British people, But scared of Immigrants on Raft boats!

Robert Burns says:

Keep calm and carry on. What a load of dogshit.

gordon stuart says:

Another corrupt lying politicians

Alan 59 says:

When are you going to stop the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS crossing into the UK with France's help . DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO , OR RESIGN !

Stephen Hamilton says:

An the sun another leftist organization, lies lies lies thats all there good for

Peaches says:

and this is what a clown of a politcian looks like

Peter Tomlinson says:

Common sense. like herd immunity, don't wear a mask, Boris wash your hands and sing happy birthday twice. and this is from the BBC Three stooges who keep telling us its going down. Well the only thing that's going down is the three stooges

steve ipa says:

Double standards ,putting the population into lockdown and restricting our movement while gov works with France and the french navy to drop off migrants mid English channel where U.K. gov take over and pick up those migrants with use of coast guard and gov immigration boats ,it’s fact British can’t move around to different parts of U.K. but migrants can move freely to enter U.K. illegally ,who does the gov think they’re fooling?

j4Rose says:

They’ve wheeled her out again.

A B says:

This is what a hot politician looks like!

Mike G says:

Her whole demeanor is untruthful. This is corruption personified

jthmastermind says:

Boris is meeting with Bill Gates this week. Dubai airports spraying people with disinfectant. 5G masts still going up, without any mention by the UK Government as to why. I don't need to tell you they use the same technology the military use for crowd control. Cue the conspiracy theorist comments from the sheep………

Alison says:

Why is everyone making reference to immigrants coming in they've always come in especially under labour. Should have put these quarantine rules in months ago.

Nicola Mudie says:

Please tell the truth now.The hospirals were mainly empty .The new hospitals were not used and doctors are speaking out and saying this is just not as dangerous as being made out .Apparantly 99.7 per cent of people survive jyst the same as with flu.What is this all about now.

joe pollard says:

Nigel Farage's video makes these claims nonsense. Lots of illegals are getting in every day with French escorts. Admit the truth.

David Robinson says:

The drug smugglers manage to ship shitloads of smack and coke into the country but the Government couldn’t even organise a few boxes of face masks.

51st state says:

Can't believe these idiots think we're still listing 😂😂

Home One says:

What on earth are the govt on? You really shouldn't eat those mushrooms you find when you'r out having your official state defined exercise twice a day.

Or is it more?

Tina Davies says:

Am never voting again end of

Dan Hub says:

"Living as we would like them to" :/

Clan Gunn Bushcraft says:

More lies from the cult that are pushing this fake Covid 1984 plandemic hoax!!

AquaHolicsUK says:

All BS – boat loads are arriving daily. The public can't be fooled anymore you fools.

Most of us are now awake. You are the servants, carry on with your foolish agendas and expect an uprise.

Blah Blah Blah……..all puppets of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Any country unable to convince their citizens to take the vaccine will be penalised. Keep the terrorism up, keep terrorising the few sleeping sheep. Most are now awake!

Why are death figures exaggerate?

muhlife muhlife says:


Scott Aubrey says:

Good afternoon and welcome to our daily BS. We change as often as possible to keep the BS rolling. Yes, your government needs taking down to set up a government that actually works and us not influenced by those that pull the stings. We will unlock the country as soon as our DS masters allow us. Regardless of what is done, we have a second wave planned to reinforce the plan to remove your rights. Public reply, ok, get the ropes ready and judgement shall be swift.🤗

Dan Hub says:

They know the the sun is not the centre of are universe and that it goes around us:/ but they don't tell facts they are greedy satanists who are stealing people's lives freedom and dreams. Shove your R and pink column bar chats, you are liers and we don't believe anything you say :/

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