President Cyril Ramaphosa updates on COVID-19, 09 April 2020

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Samuel W says:

I'm just devastated over all these lost Jobs… errrr, wait… we never had jobs in the first place 🤤

Seppe Tank says:

This government is destroying its economy. There are far better solutions to save this economy during this lockdown. The payment reliefs are a joke and the banks make profit from all this. How can a government force people to not earn income and pay their bills. All accounts and bills should be made free for April with zero interest and other handling charges. This government has done nothing for the citizens towards this financial crisis. The citizens must suffer while the banks profit.

Tuwani Matsheketsheke says:

Shongo lofhela mahh hambe ahunana u femaaaa

Tracy Mitchel says:

I'm not supporting any government fundraisers, initiatives or anything until they lift the cigarette ban. #liftthecigaretteban

Lourika Prinsloo says:

Mr President. We need clothes for our children not one shop is open to buy clothes. Its starting to get colder and my child of 3 doesnt have clothes that fit him anymore. Most of us didnt have money to buy before the lockdown.

Logline Films Dev Archive says:

Between 2017 and 2019 a warning for humanity was published on

Daniel W Kashindi says:

Yeah, extension of an expensive holiday!

Angelo a Ricky Mandlate says:

how brother and sisters hnow rent money hnow food but is nothing nothing we can do just preventing the virus dear coronavirus where I u coming from and why

siyabonga freddie mchunu says:

Mr President please help China is kicking black people out because of COVID-19

Katherine Ceruti says:

Yes Mr. President!

Nicholas Bennett says:

It was created by the whites to destroy the true ppl

Desmond Mogakwe says:

We thank you President Ramaphosa for the right decision of extending the lockdown for the sake of saving more lives in order to stop the spread of this virus

Gisele Pires says:

none disagree… something wrong…. says:

Corona Scaredemic

Sbongakonke Trans says:

Wuhan is unlocked on Wednesday after 76days lockdown so I'm proud of you Mr President for saving our lives 5weeks is not bad tanx Mr President

Henk says:


Mfundo Zuma says:

21 days incane some people went through 81 days lockdown says:

Bloody virtue signalling sheeple !!

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