Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | May 22

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Premier Doug Ford will be joined by Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, and Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance, to make an announcement.

Ce contenu est également proposé avec un sous-titrage en français sur la chaîne suivante :


Senada Pasic says:

This is the cost of poverty and no priority housing for the sick- in fact, you drive them out wherever they go.

Laura Harding says:

Boilermakers woot woot

Senada Pasic says:

Can the poor afford many masks, disinfectant and extra food, cleaning supplies and laundry money?

Laura Harding says:

The new preimier

Senada Pasic says:

Had we mandated masks….

Northern Reflections says:

What a lame answer to the issue of benefit rates for ODSP recipients. Essentially a non answer…times are tough for everyone and we are watching it. Translated it means ‘tough luck’.

Spotter Harris says:

Hey , Dont forget us Single Dads

Dan Boden says:

Lying about the so called dangers doesn't make it true Dougie it makes you a liar.

peterthart531 says:

If the hospitals have capacity it is not necessary to shutdown. If they shutdown again, why would ANY business try to keep going.

D Y says:

Who are the 250000+ travellers landing at our airports?

princeumar20.09 says:

i really like your content 7JHj

S S says:

How about the senior trades members that's have been laid off at 55% of salary

Shaun Pilkington says:

Does anyone else see another outbreak happening soon?

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