P!nk’s Candid Conversation About Contracting COVID-19

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In an exclusive interview, P!nk had a candid conversation with Ellen about what it’s been like since both she and her 3-year-old son Jameson contracted COVID-19, and how it’s the scariest thing she’s been through in her life. The star talked about symptoms they had and didn’t have, how we can be superheroes just by staying home and helping others, and using her platform as a public figure not only to donate to funds fighting the pandemic, but by urging people to take the situation seriously and continue to have hope for the future.



Amanda milson says:

Hopefully she is being honest. This could be a cry for attention

Discovering Self says:

Lying scumbag

Breaking Balls with Tony says:

Wow!! I dont think I have ever seen a video or interview about Pink where she wasn't candid and just like the rest of us. She truly is the best celebrity that's actually grounded and normal. Love you Pink!! And you're a great role model. First one I've seen in a long, long time.

Bring back the Plague says:

All these trash celebrities pretending they have the Coronavirus wearing it like a badge of honor, then running to their Wikipedia page to virtue signal for sympathy. Either way this dude looks rough.

Sasha LoPiccolo says:

I love pink. Thank god she and her family are ok. She’s so honest and true. Hard to find these days!!

꧁toshibg꧂ says:

Girl, better go to the hospital and get treated. Everyone has a right to be treated with proper care.

odessa cooper says:

So does the virus just run it’s course? She never said how she got well.

Kelly McGinniss says:

To all the people across the globe who arent taking self isolating seriously, listen to these stories

Liana Huang says:

I loved this so much. Thank you Pink for being who you are!

Derrick Warren says:

I am so happy that she doing better I being listen to her songs since 2003

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