Open Letter from Billings Emergency Physicians | COVID-19

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Marie Lamphier says:

Thank-you! you are our hope. Stay safe!

Stacey Wheeler says:

Thank you to all of the medical professionals!

Melissa Mickelson says:

Thank you for all you do for our communities! Stay safe!

Kim York says:

Thank you! Today's personal challenges will be tomorrow's blessings.

Nathan Van Dyk says:

Dr. Allen, Thank you and your amazing Billings Clinic team for your ground breaking and life saving work during this pandemic. Your foresight and sacrifice during this unprecedented challenge is an inspiration. I am honored to have worked with you, and grateful to know that you are there to care for my family #flattenthecurve.

Bobbie Floerchinger says:

Good Video. Another good one would be, what is the procedure if you are needing a test, or feel as though you need to talk to someone about it, and you don't have a normal doctor. Thank you for the info

dwagon41 says:

Thanks Doc! Look forward to dealing poker to you again.

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