MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4

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MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4! So this is an asmr eating show with a LOT of food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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SSSniperWolf says:

Mr krabs is that u? 🥺

可愛いaisaka _Yurii says:

Larva: I'm Thicc to get eaten
Girl(woman): I'm gonna ruin this Larva's career

Anne Stannard says:

crispy chicken is the besttttttt

Nežinomasis Aš says:

Ewww food, but good video! ❤

Georgia Costara says:

Crunchy nuggets are better

Jesica Robshore says:

Your so pretty xx such a fan

Azewet Haile says:

This is the casting thing


Ice cream:lick me I'm tastier that way
Girl:I don't give a damn

Melanie Olivier says:

I like crunchy nuggets

Mazilette says:

*Guy eats omelette of cheese*
A little kid: Pasta Puttanesca?
Omelette: What did you call me?

Ally Ally says:

Both-ish for chicken nuggets

igor sahaidac says:

I like crispy/crunchy nuggets

Serena Leal says:

I am not picky i dont care if it is soft ors not i LOVE CHICKEN NUGGETS

Lindsey Ellis says:

Rip me krab

Lindsey Ellis says:

Crunchy kind

Atomic Junebug says:

Who eats their nuggets without condiments???

Where’s the ketchup?

Where did she put it?

Rubina Siddiqui says:

I don't like the soft chicken nuggets

Atomic Junebug says:

Crunchy nuggets 😍😍😍

And I Opp says:

The woman that is eating eels is ssoyoung like whoever watch her if you don’t still like

Mya Sweeney says:

I’m so early I’m a fan sniper wolf all my usernames are saniperwolf I’m I tour wolf pack

vkook ot7 says:


bocoy noiu says:

I think we need many like buttons Cuz she's like " hit the like button if ————-" …….. Anyone who agrees with me?……….. No , oh okay😟

Gabriela Kozub says:

Very crunchy

Marco A Ramirez says:

You KAKA and pee

it is me Valeria says:

Crunchy chicken nuggets

Kawaii Aqua says:

Nimo didnt live in sea grapes lmao

STITᑕᕼ says:

SSSniper your the best!

Donald Jones says:

Why can none of them eat with there mouth closed!

Saisha M says:

Lia you cute

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