Mukbang Food That Has Gone Too Far!!!

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Mukbang Food That Has Gone Too Far!!!


Unicorn Atalia says:

Those asmr people are so stupid

Now United is My everything says:

Your English be like: 🥴

۵ The Haru Life ۵ says:

For the lobster part, SERIOUSLY? Just end it suffering already. Do that part when it’s dead and CANT FEEL PAIN-

Genie Boyle says:

I’m sorry but it makes me feel sickkkk

Michal says:

No wonder why china has thousand of Viruses and killing them, yikes

Lauren James says:

Ugh live animals it’s so gross

Micron _breathes says:

Btw that chalk one is a diy prank one
And the ice one wint be bad for ur teeth but if u eat it too many times etc it will be bad for u

And the raw shrimps are a thing in korea

Cathy Diamonds says:

So confused as to why you are making these videos lol did you get hacked??

Nala Atteloney says:

I like your vids, they're cool 😎

Isabella says:

I feel like the girl wit the lobster is just doing mukbang for attention…

damaris.1k says:

Where are you from? Your accent is so cute 💙

Eva says:

Nattō is fermented soy beans (it’s the stuff that she put a egg in).

Adrian Acevedo says:

It's fake chalk ugly ass

Jaquelin Morales says:

Sorri no ablo ingles 😭😭😢😢😢😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😓😓😓😓😓😓

Helga19031 says:

Докушались …

Carly J says:

Lobster part made me sad. 😢 Just get it over and done with and put it in the damn water if you're going to eat it. I don't even like the thought of them boiled alive but don't also impale the poor thing.

AlMa¿ says:


Brooktini says:

Omg 🤨interesting

Magical Toasters Of Life says:

Can we go back to eating fried chicken instead?

LocalJax ASMR says:

I never try this kind of food before but it looks so interesting to eat.

pookee johnson says:

Yes I'm one of the first here

Hinata Songs says:

Pq essa desgraça n para de fala

hujam slime says:


Salvador Trujillo says:

That why they have Corona virus eating weird things 😓😓☹️

Sträwbeäry says:

Cool video! ✌

[SOUP] - says:

lol first idc

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