Mourners Gather To Remember George Floyd in North Carolina | NBC Nightly News

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Thousands lined the streets to pay respects for George Floyd in Raeford, North Carolina, just 20 miles from where Floyd was born and where much of his family still lives.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Mourners Gather To Remember George Floyd in North Carolina | NBC Nightly News


Spencer C says:

George was a great man, the very best that the black community had to offer

Grizzly Bear says:

Ya know that it's bad when a life is lost. But why would you memorize a person who has charges from robbery and he had a hand gun and he used drugs. Floyd had been in prison and he tried to pass a counterfeit $20 dollar bill.. I completely disagree with the way that he is being treated like a king. I hate to say it but he deserved when he got . Since his first arrest in 1997 for selling drugs he was in and out of prison several times..

Me Mine says:

Another"good" one 👍

justin martel says:

White people get abused the same way. The news media picks and chooses which videos to show, because they know they can enrage black people to riot. The media is the enemy of the people. A white man named Tony Timpa was killed by police the SAME WAY as George Floyd. NO front page coverage on CNN. Because they want you to think this only happens to black people. This happens to white people and it's a police brutality issue more than a race issue. The media wants to divide us because they are the lying enemy of the people. They pick and choose stories. See for yourself what the police did to Tony Timpa

Belike ike says:

To all the people who say that floyd had a bad background just remember not everyone's perfect ❤✊😔

gn lilu says:

Dear Family of George Floyd, I am really sorry for what has happened. I feel sad, embarrassed of the police, and I understand all the emotions felt. I’m a hispanic woman, I was the victim of harassment, discrimination, and assault by the UT Police and my job because I work for a major hospital in Dallas. I am not scared to say it anymore. I tried to reach to the media, but no one wanted me to speak about it. The media said “No” because they didn’t want a law suit. I am deeply sorry for your pain. I was a victim too, I want to come forward about the abuse that I endured by the police and my job. In addition, I go to grad school at the University of Texas and I had a terrible white professor who humiliated me, mocked me and fail me for being a hispanic woman. I came forward about what I endured as a hispanic and the university didn’t do anything. Mr. Floyd’s passing has affected me a lot. When you have been a victim of such terrible crimes, does wounds do no heal. I have gathered strength to write this comment. Mr. Floyd I have you and your family in my prayers everyday. Mr. Floyd your death has not gone silent, we need change. I am here always. -Me

Sirus solar says:

Let's remember David Dorn a true hero who's life was taken by criminals. The news doesn't want you talking about that, only the criminal who didn't care about other people's lives and even threatened an unborn child just so he could get more drugs. R.I.P David Dorn.

Samsng Device says:

Were any local flower shops looted?

Unknown Error says:

Let's also remember how he put a gun against a pregnant woman's belly.

Amituofo Am. says:

It bothers me. What's wrong with "ALL LIVES MATTER"? Why only BLACK LIVES MATTER? Does it mean that other lives don't matter? It looses my support since it's merely the fighting between racisms.

书本属灵的 says:

They are literally worshipping George Floyd as a god…

Mo Fo says:

How come NO ONE cared for this criminal when he was alive???

Isaias Cortinas says:


Tom Meyers says:

Reminds me of the riots after that black guy threw a five year old white child off a third floor balcony in a mall.

Tom Meyers says:

People on Welfare Gather To Remember George Floyd

vcvirjuan says:

Who remember the hit movie called “ Misery??—about a lady who broke the legs and held captive a innocent man , yet she would daily seem living in bringing him food ; checking on him, smiling, and singing nice songs. However, she ( America), would never let him go and unbound him to be free!!! So, would that man with broken legs protest that “ song” for the reason that it is not true to what it is saying as a song ( Anthem)— wouldnt he kneel in protest every time he heard that song she loving danger knowing while the song is saying one thing nice and the flag represents the words of the song!! —Cappernick weren’t disrespecting the flag, troops or the national Anthem song , which he kneeled down to every time the Anthem was danced—Kaepernick was in “ Misery and in protest of the Misery of blacks who had the legs , dreams , lives, families and spirit broken while being held captive , yet a contradictory “ song” is being danced that does not represent the freedom and love and equal rights in its words , that what was actually being portrayed by most the whites citizen and cops that are racist, murder, break legs , plan out agenda against a race , etc , in the same country that black fought for and built ——I must say, this is a great analogy using the movie Misery, because when you finally look at things from another perspective ( which I believe Drew did, I believe Dew truly see the “ same “Misery” the white man in the movie was in at the hand of a white woman ( nation- she), who held him down by breaking his legs yet she in contradict, appeared nice with a beautiful song of fairness and showing of love every morning right after she made sure his legs remained broke so he go “ nowhere!!” —-get the point now !

Not Sure says:

Now is the time while they are occupied and away from home to go reclaim items that they stole from you the night before.

Rose Treiger says:

All those old people at the nursing homes (were all colors) that were murdered by Democrat leaders by putting covid-19 paitents in with them, they were murdered too yet their families were not allowed to mourn their loss. They were not even allowed to have a small funeral with social distancing wearing masks nothing. nothing was allowed for these victims, yet in the middle of a pandemic, knowing that the black communities have been hit the hardest by covid-19. Crickets. Business was coming back. Jobs were going up. Money was beginning to flow, and the Democrat leaders had to put a stop to that immediately. How are you supposed to convince a people that they are repressed depressed and oppressed when things are going good. Its white antifa that is handing out bricks to young black children. It is white antifa members that are burning down your businesses. It is white antifa members that are leading people to burn black cities down and I just don't understand why changing from a white hoodie to a black hoodie makes it okay.

David Nierzwick says:

DAVID DORN a real hero ❤🙏🇺🇸

Craig Bigelow says:

And I don't have a whole lot a sympathy for cops!

cold cuts says:

Good riddance. He heLd up a pregnanT woman wiTh a gun. Had he noT been doing forgery none of this wouLd have happened

Terence Johnson says:


Learn English Vocabulary says:

How are ya, NBC News. it is surprisingly delightful video. thanks. 🙂

Tim Kasey says:

This is our future, brought to you by the Democratic party:

Maria Aimol says:

RIP George floyd from India

Emilyin Wonderland says:

*George Floyd was a FELON who committed ARMED ROBBERY* He would be alive today, if he wasn't trying to buy goods at a store with COUNTERFEIT $$!!! *DAVID DORN would be alive today if George wasn't committing a crime on Memorial Day* There's your "eye for an eye" Congratulations! Y'all happy now? #BLM ?? Yes, get rid of the cops in Minneapolis, that's going to be a hilarious experiment!!

not telling says:

So when did masks become so effective at preventing corona virus? They are not social distancing in the least. They intend on killing us all with this virus.

William says:

Lets protest but lets keep in place the hierarchal democratic system that oppresses us ok? Let just keep all hierarchies.

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