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ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton discusses COVID-19 and the correlation between blood types, pneumonia vaccination for seniors and allergy symptoms vs. coronavirus.

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NormMcdonalds says:

John McAfee released this virus so he could make money on his antivirus again!

Doogy Dog says:

This Jen Dr is so worthless, is she friends with Tedros ? She can not answer one question without covering her ass. She cant even put herself out there to recommend a vitamin. She lies constantly, she reacts, she never gets you ahead of this. She is a disinfo TV DR. It is mutating and dangerously so, she lied AGAIN. She lied about the age groups, the masks, she should be fired immediately, unless the network wants people to just die.

Reshma Sapkota says:

Take care guys
Praying from nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

Danielle Henson says:

Our state only tests if you are critical. In need of medical intervention. Otherwise they tell you to stay home and self quarantine.

catalinacurio says:

Brilliant point! An OMG moment! 😱

TheF1zZ says:

Shes interviewing herself but not wearing makeup when answering questions

Uncle Turtle 1966 says:

There are more A type blood people than O type so a study of which type gets it more is hard to do.

Angie LupusLife says:

Some really good questions and information

426 SUPER BEE says:

why is our stores running out of things for? We got food banks all over the world, and people here are starving! >>> There going to be more people starving to death than the dam CDC can do. Guess what ? YOUR GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH RIGHT WITH US!

francis WARLORD says:

We need to change the message around, everyone needs to start behaving like they are already infected . And honestly if you end up contracting this and passing it on to your family members be sure that your parents grandparents aunts uncles brothers and sisters are all at risk of death gasping for breath in their finale moments while they pass away alone and afraid , because of selfish decisions some of you made, being bored at home is a small price to pay for the safety of your loved ones, people are not afraid enough because it is not directly impacting them yet, it will very soon, but it will be to late.

nnr2d m says:

Instead of television dramas about hospitals with actors-

I'm all in for live feeds and an on the front line series weekly from known hospitals blank faces out if need be-

Will help us have better understanding of reality of situation.

dean langloss says:

Why do the broadcasters think they can claim LIVE NOW and when you look its been streaming for 80 minutes and Trump is not even close to being there like we are all sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to be lied to and then gaslighted while he praises his genius and response to disasters as the best ever, we have a serious lunatic running our nation people vote his family out of office.. then support prosecution…

Johnny Perez says:

this doctor is an ass-clown and is lying to you !!!

Johnny Perez says:

there is no pandemic, only a plandemic !!!

Johnny Perez says:

the media and government is lying to all of you !!!

Wake Up says:


Manny Amato says:

Smh, nope we are not testing but are taking temps. You schmuck you dont get it you dont need a fever or any symptoms to pass it around PAY ATTENTION "Doctor"

Josey Wales says:

Pelosi just stalled the vote on the relief package AGAIN, Remember that Nov 3, her Green policies are more important than us!

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