Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers | NFL Playoffs: Division Round Preview | CBS Sports HQ

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The 49ers have home-field advantage by the slimmest of margins, winning a three-way tiebreaker with the two other NFC teams to own a 13-3 record. The 13-3 team stuck playing on Wild-Card Weekend, the Saints, fell in the first round to the 49ers’ divisional-round opponent, the Vikings. It took overtime for the Vikings to pull off the win, and just six days later they have to head to the West Coast and try to do it again against San Francisco.


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Manny Ramirez says:

Well, you got that one wrong lol

Michael Tamares says:

lol. updates?? all the vikes fans talkin shit..never done anything in history…still gonna be same

Roch Boucher says:

Pete Prisco is absolutely clueless!!!

Frank Salidivar says:

Hey, I came back!….hello? hello?…..crickets.

Steve L says:

Love that Mr. 0-4 continued the trend. Don’t bet against the niners, hasn’t worked out for people 14 times this year.

Jinto says:

who else here after we won🤣

Glenn Sweet says:

Prisco is the Eddie Mush of sports….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ulWjFfLsL0

Brando Nator says:

Literally maybe the ABSOLUTE WORST PANEL of talking heads around.

ESPECIALLY the FAT, OLD, BALD guy. He's like 0-17 betting against the 9ers.

PLEASE Baldy pick AGAINST the 49ers again!!!!! You're our good luck charm!!!

9ers are SOLELY WINNING because your a LOSER and the Universe HATES YOU and will stop at nothing to see you WRONG AS ALWAYS!!! 🤣🤣🤣

jose ruiz says:

Why is pete prisco still employed?

Jhabari Owens says:

Who is here after the 49ers dog walked the Vikings

Parzevel The Blunt says:

Pete Prisco should just give up 😂

Brad Moberly says:

What did I tell you chumps about that 49ers D line??? 6 sacks!!! You guys are 0-5 . How do you still have a job????

Chillwind Studios says:

The Vikings are garbage just like every MN sports team. Go home losers!


0-5 bald fat boy! Never pick against the Niners!

Glenn Sweet says:

Once again….. Prisco comes through!!!

Andrew Gutierrez says:

Nfl is whack they need to get kapernick off peoples minds so in the super bowl it will be the 49ers and one of the black quarterbacks they think they are slick

Jonathan D. says:

You know what?

I want this same crew to pick against the 49ers for the rest of the playoffs! #NinerFaithful

Alan Becerra says:

49ers won 27-10

Rudy Cota says:

For this sorry ball headed Smurf dude, choke on your words sucker
49ers 27-10
One more game to go

Jeremy Sepeda says:

Looks like Baldys wrong again!!! 👴

Colnie Garcia says:

Bald guy.. Please announce your retirement: 49ers 27 Vikings.. 10 .. Please announce your retirement.. No seriously

hugo martinez says:

CBS you gotta fine or suspend these guys. They don’t know shit! Lmao. Bang bang niner gang

Izzy Lopez says:

Pete prisco already 0-1😂

Cheryl Guertin says:

The 49ers are going all the way to the Superbowl and coming out with the win!!!!!!

Mark Nethercutt says:

He doesn't look like Kirk cousins he looks like Kirk buzzing.

Chaunsey Billings says:

Remember the 1988 divsonal playoffs the Vikings beat the 49ers. This is going to happen in 2020

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